Iran Still Trying To Tell Obama What To Do

Notice that this did not happen while Bush was President? Sure, the Iranians railed at Bush, the USA, the EU, Zionists, etc, but they were not trying to dictate policy and get any of the aforementioned to change their tunes. But now, with the Obambi administration, they sure feel emboldened

Obama care bear diplomacyIran sternly dismissed decades of U.S. policies targeting Tehran and declared Friday that the new American administration had to admit past wrongs before it could hope for reconciliation.

The comments by Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani at an international security conference in Munich appeared to be the most detailed outline yet of Tehran’s expectations from President Barack Obama’s administration.

“The old carrot and stick policy must be discarded,” he said, alluding to Western threats and offers of rewards to coax Iran to give up nuclear activities the West views as threatening. “This is a golden opportunity for the United States.”

Senior Iranian officials have cautiously welcomed the new U.S. proposal of direct talks. But on Friday, Larijani, his country’s former chief nuclear negotiator, delivered a blistering condemnation of what he described as failed and evil U.S. actions against his country and in the region. He declared the U.S. had to own up to the past before it could hope for a better future with Iran.

“In the past years, the U.S. has burned many bridges but the new White House can rebuild them” if it “accepts its mistakes and changes its policies,” Larijani said.

He condemned Washington’s backing for Iraq in its 1980s war against Iran and its support of Israel. Larijani said those policies and others in the region failed in their declared purpose of rooting out terrorism and finding hidden weapons of mass destruction.

On the nuclear standoff, he said, Washington “has tried to sabotage any diplomatic solution.” Without U.S. acknowledgment of failure and wrongdoing, “do you expect this pain to go away?” he asked.

Simply put, Obama must demean the United States in front of Iran, stop pursuing our agenda, withdraw all support for Israel, as well as stand aside so Israel can be destroyed, and allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons program without any interference.

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2 Responses to “Iran Still Trying To Tell Obama What To Do”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach sounds like he wants to start a war Should we send in the marines and overthrow those mad mullahs ?

  2. says:

    We know that your claim — “this did not happen while Bush was President” — is a lie. Can you explain why you chose to lie to your readers?

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