Will Obama Change Iran’ Ties To Washington?

Um, er, well, ah (I have got to stop listening to Obama and his press secratary speak) not so much

A representative of Iran’s supreme leader said Barack Obama taking office as U.S. president did not mean Tehran’s ties with Washington would change, a news agency reported on Wednesday.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has ultimate authority over policy in the Islamic Republic, has yet to comment on Obama’s presidency or his offer to extend a hand of peace if Iran “unclenched its fist.”

The leader has representatives to many institutions and regions. Though not a perfect guide, their comments can give an indication of views prevalent among Iran’s leadership.

“Any government has ‘red lines’ and our ‘red lines’ are rejecting the arrogant policies of America and the Zionist regime,” said the representative to the Revolutionary Guards in northwestern Zanjan province, cleric Hojjatoleslam Ali Maboudi.

“Opposing the Zionist regime and defending oppressed people are among the pillars of the Islamic revolution and Iran and America’s relationship will not change because of Obama taking office,” he said, Fars News Agency reported.

I guess all those Logan Act violations from meeting secretly with Iran didn’t work, eh, Obambi? Hopefully he is learning that Iran does what Iran wants, and couldn’t care less about international pressure.

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2 Responses to “Will Obama Change Iran’ Ties To Washington?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Better turn down that radio Teach Rush is beginning to rake control of your mind.

  2. I’ll take it that you have no actual defense of Obama, John, since all you can do is insult.

    BTW, why is that Rush kicks the ever-living crap out of every liberal talk radio host and station? Why is it that conservative radio succeeds, while liberal talk radio has to be given constant cash infusions? It’s so bad that even liberals do not want to listen.

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