I.I. Today: Activist Group Not Upset By The Actual Law Violations

Have you ever noticed that none of these activist groups are ever upset about the initial violations of the law? WRAL – Immigrant’s arrest strands children on NC highway (btw, WRAL, she is an illegal immigrant. Please make note of the distinction)

An advocacy group is questioning whether police acted properly when they left three children in a car with a family acquaintance after arresting their mother along Interstate 85.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Wednesday that an Alamance County deputy sheriff stopped Maria Chavira Ventura about 2 a.m. on June 14. She was traveling from her home in western North Carolina to Maryland to visit the children’s father.

She was jailed on charges of driving without a license and displaying a false license plate. Authorities also put her under a federal deportation order.

So, let’s see: she was pulled over for actual violations of the law, then found to be an illegal alien. One of her kids is illegal, also, and the other two are anchor babies. The father is an illegal alien, as well. Go figure.

But, here is where it gets better!

The North Carolina Justice Centersaid a man from Ventura’s church was riding with the family. Fearing arrest, he fled and left the children in the car. The children – ages 6, 10 and 14 – were left alone in the car for eight hours until their father, who had to travel from Maryland, was able to get there.

Hmm, Justice Center. You would think with a name like that, they would be interested in upholding the law.

There was no complaint made, and, according to the Alamance Sheriff’s office, the incident was handled correctly. The man the children were left with fled, per the NC Justice Center, because he was worried that the law would return and he would be deported. Sounds like he is an illegal, as well.

Over to the ending of the N&O story (which, quite frankly, I am impressed with. Usually we get the same old bleeding heart crap)

Advocates say the program has led to an increasing number of arrests of Hispanic immigrants for traffic violations. State law prohibits those without legal status from getting driver’s licenses or registering cars, so many illegal immigrants are arrested on charges similar to Ventura’s.

“This is another example of the real results of 287(g) — arresting people for minor traffic offenses rather than taking criminals off the street,” Rearick said. “Any program that leaves three little kids alone on the side of the highway is creating more problems than it solves.”

Illegal aliens are in violation of federal law. That would make them, wait, let me look it up…….a criminal! Goodness! And, if good old mom hadn’t come illegally, then had anchor babies, the kids never would have been in that situation to start with.

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4 Responses to “I.I. Today: Activist Group Not Upset By The Actual Law Violations”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach do you really believe that those children who are American citizens should be separated from their mommy ? I do not I think that it is a very cruel thing to do. Now a little 6yo child will be separated from a mother.

  2. John, that happens. It happens when a mother is convicted of a crime and sent to jail. Women who have their kid while in jail are then separated from that baby. Mothers have their kids taken away and put in child protective services and foster placement for some reasons. Same happens with men. It is a sad fact of life.

    The blame falls squarely on Maria Ventura.

    She should have thought about the consequences of coming to America illegally, then driving without a license and with false plates.

  3. Russ says:

    It’s long past time to end the practice of granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

  4. I agree. Need to repeal that Amendment.

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