AGW Today: Kittens, Cashing In, And Inconvenient Indulgences

Anthropogenic Global Warming really can cause everything!

Each spring, the onset of warm weather and longer days drives female cats into heat, resulting in a few months of booming kitten populations known as “kitten season.”

Peterson said kitten season generally starts in March or April, as the days get warmer and longer, and the flood of kittens continues throughout the spring and early summer.

Where does global warming fit in? Some experts say rising temperatures could be lengthening kitten season by altering cat reproductive cycles.

Except that the temps have been stagnant for 10 years now, if not coming down.

A French chemical maker is reaping a potential billion-dollar windfall under a United Nations program intended to spur climate-friendly investment in the developing world, highlighting the challenges of using market forces to tackle global warming.

Us “skeptics” keep telling ya that part of the whole AGW scheme is about making money.

Last Thursday, former U. S. vice-president Al Gore delivered a major address calling on his country to abandon all fossil fuels within 10 years.

By 2018, U. S. electricity and fuel should come entirely from “renewable energy and truly clean, carbon-free sources,” he said. Tickets to the event encouraged attendees to “please use public transit, bicycling or other climate-friendly means” to reach the lecture hall.

So how did Gore and his retinue arrive? In two Lincoln Town Cars and a full-sized SUV that sat idling with the air conditioners blasting while the Gore party was inside.

I would recommend reading the rest of that article, it is pretty darned good, basically addressing what the whole AGW movement is about.

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One Response to “AGW Today: Kittens, Cashing In, And Inconvenient Indulgences”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach why is it that you refuse to believe what OUR own government says about this ? While it may be correct to say that 1998 still holds the record our global climate is NOT cooling in fact last June was the 8th warmest out of 128 years of records and we are on track for the 9th hottest on record (out of 128) Does this seem to indicate to YOU that the earth is going glacial ??? Looks to me to be another TOP TEN YEAR!!

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