Impeachment Theatre: Seven GOP Idiots Who Need To Go

Redacted: I goofed when reading the story this am, read too much in to it through a link at a hard left site. But, not going to disappear it down the memory hole. We all make mistakes.


surrender monkey 7 republicans

The Surrender Monkey, after taking the day off on iFriday, makes a special appearance, and he is thrilled, a thrilling up his leg!

Unfortunately, the list I sent to John Hawkins of my least favorite Republicans didn’t include these seven idiots, one of whom, I am embarrassed to say, is from North Carolina (though not my district)

GOP Reps. Smith, Sensenbrenner, Coble, Gallegly, Goodlatte, Chabot, and Cannon after much deliberation put the Constitution and rule of law before politics. Rep. Lamar Smith stated, “As much as one might wish to avoid this process, we must resist the temptation to close our eyes and pass by. The president’s actions must be evaluated for one simple reason: the truth counts.” Read their statements below.

You can go over and read the reasoning by the 7 idiots. Here is Howard Coble’s

Much has been made about the absence of bipartisanship on this issue, and I want to reiterate my position on that. Do not point accusatory fingers at Republicans or Democrats because there is disagreement. Assuming we vote our consciences and exercise sound judgment, little else can be asked.

…I take umbrage to charges that some are out to get the president…I take umbrage as well to those who claim that some approach this arduous task in a gleeful manner. I take no joy in discharging this duty before us, but it remains our duty nonetheless.

…I can’t see that this is going to shut down the government or tie it up, assuming it does advance to the Senate.


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3 Responses to “Impeachment Theatre: Seven GOP Idiots Who Need To Go”

  1. steveegg says:

    Check fire, at least with respect to Sensenbrenner. His quoted statements came 10 year ago in a different impeachment case (namely, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton’s).

  2. Yeah, I screwed the pooch with this one.

  3. forest hunter says:

    Steveegg earns another gold star and an attaboy!

    William, welcome to the human race…again! You keep it real brother.

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