ACLU Hissy Fit Over School Banning of Travel To Terrorist Countries

Day after day, the ACLU never fails to amaze. Shock? Not so much. I am used to their ways. Stupify and amaze? Yup:

The American Civil Liberties Union is pressing its lawsuit against a Florida law banning university researchers from traveling to countries listed as terrorist nations.

A hearing is scheduled Friday in Miami federal court on the lawsuit filed in 2006. The ACLU claims the law is unconstitutional because it infringes on academic freedom.

The law passed two years ago bans Florida public universities from spending any money on travel to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Those countries are on a U.S. list of terrorist states.

So, apparently the ACLU thinks it is peachy keen for public institutions to pay for employees to travel to those countries. No one is stopping them from going on their own dime, if they so choose.

Most public institutions have regulations against using what is, essentially, the People’s money for personal vacations. Will the ACLU next have a fit over that? It is also pretty much verboten for a teacher to have sex with a student. Will the ACLU next find that that violates academic freedom?

Can’t they just go off and represent some terrorists in a worthless effort?

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One Response to “ACLU Hissy Fit Over School Banning of Travel To Terrorist Countries”

  1. forest hunter says:

    ACLU – NEA – CAIR – UN – …………. and the list is long on what is not only wrong but, in need of elimination. They should be banned as organizations, having demonstrated to the Nation, if not the World, countless times how anti-American they are and intend to be.

    Surely some of the members can’t be all bad. I don’t know of a single thing any of these unelected administrations pushing contrary and counter productive policies has done that isn’t minimally disparaging and slanderous to the things we Americans value and hold dear.

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