Bush: Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t

Never got around to this bit of Loon-wing hilarity yesterday, but, it highlights the damned if you do, damned if you don’t mentality of the Left. Crooks and Liars – Bush to Pass on Teaching Career to “Replenish the Ol’ Coffers”

Over at the National Review on Saturday, Kathryn Jean Lopez suggested a novel future for George W. Bush after he completes his disastrous tenure in the White House. The most unpopular President in modern times, Lopez insists, would “make an awesome high-school government teacher.” But leaving aside for the moment his obvious aversion to academic study and the English language (as well as the U.S. Constitution), Bush has already made up his mind about his “post-service service.” Upon leaving office, President Bush has said he plans to “replenish the ol’ coffers.”

Unfortunately for Lopez, President Bush has already decided that he will cash in, and not give back, when his days in the Oval Office are done.

Some former presidents grow in status – and the people’s esteem – only after they leave the White House. Jimmy Carter’s failed term was redeemed in part by his charitable works and efforts for world peace. Bill Clinton’s foundation and campaigns to battle AIDS, disease and natural disasters have made him perhaps the last globally respected American president. Even Richard Nixon’s partial resurrection earned him elder statesman status.

But not President Bush. Already a small man, he will only decrease in stature as leaves the stage in Washington to “replenish the ol’ coffers” and, apparently, just hang out. As Dubya put it last year, “Sixty-two is really young and yet I’ll be through with my presidency.”

I guess there would be no point in mentioning Clinton’s tens of millions made off of his having been the Pres of the USA on multiple fronts, right? Or Carter’s consistent and constant bashing of the USA? But, we all know that if Bush said he was going to going to go out and work on some special projects to help the USA, the same loons would bash him for that. There is no winning in Liberal World.

Apparently, this is what is sending Crooks and Liars over the edge (yet again)

First, Mr. Bush said, “I’ll give some speeches, just to replenish the ol’ coffers.” With assets that have been estimated as high as nearly $21 million, Mr. Bush added, “I don’t know what my dad gets – it’s more than 50-75″ thousand dollars a speech, and “Clinton’s making a lot of money.”

Then he said, “We’ll have a nice place in Dallas,” where he will be running what he called “a fantastic Freedom Institute” promoting democracy around the world. But he added, “I can just envision getting in the car, getting bored, going down to the ranch.”

So, he’ll basically be doing what all the rest of the ex-presidents have done afterwards: making some cash, doing some charitable work, and chilling out. No winning among the moonbats.

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3 Responses to “Bush: Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    President Bush can make millions giving speaches and airing the democrats dirty underwear to the world. If he gives a speach per day he wouldn’t run out of democrat dirty underwear in 5 lifetimes. Name names and traitorous acts.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Bush will be forever hounded if he gives any of those speeches in a public forum. He is easily the most disliked President ever. As far as some people being inteseted in the underware that Democrats wear and it hygenic condition, well I guess if that is what interests them go for it

  3. manbearpig says:

    He is easily the most disliked President ever.

    Apparently you don’t remember Jimmy Carter

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