AGW Today: Alarmists Using Weather And New Ca. Regulations

Wasn’t it a constant refraing that weather is not climate? Of course, any time I hear or read a climahysteric say that the two are different, I realize they have drunk the AGW kool aid, and have zero clue what they are talking about. But, as we have seen, now the climahysterics are starting to use weather to supposedly make their point, and the Canadian Free Press addresses this

Claims that recent severe weather and flooding in the US are proof of human CO2 impacts on global climate are scientific nonsense. They are part of a pattern of keeping weather and climate issues in the public mind.

And the article goes on to show something that climahysterics really show: scientific evidence. Such as

3. The graph from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that severe tornadoes were higher in the period from 1950 to 1975.  Global temperatures were falling during that time. Since then frequency has decreased as the world warmed to 2000. Since then the world has cooled slightly and the pattern shows a slight increase in severe tornadoes. 

The NOAA must be in the pay of Exxon or something.

Meanwhile, California is doing even more to screw up its economy and go climastupid

California is making it mandatory for cars to be labeled with global warming scores, figures that take into account emissions from vehicle use and fuel production.

The law requiring the labels goes into effect at the start of next year for all 2009 model cars, though its expected the labels will be popping up on cars in the coming months.

It won’t stop all those liberals from buying and driving their SUVs and limo’s, though.

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One Response to “AGW Today: Alarmists Using Weather And New Ca. Regulations”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach an incident of weather is not indicative of climate change. But when you have 90% of the hottest temps all over the globe happening within a very short time span than it goes beyond anecdotal evidence. And in case you have forgotten how things are going this year we had the 7th warmest (out of 128) spring ever recorded.

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