Obama The Puzzled

I suppose the Missiah doesn’t think his words matter, and all you bitter religious gun wavers just need to catch a clue

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Saturday his plan to end the Iraq war was unchanged and he was puzzled by the sharp reaction to his statement this week that he might “refine” his timetable for withdrawing U.S. combat troops.

“For me to say that I’m going to refine my policies I don’t think in any way is inconsistent with prior statements and doesn’t change my strategic view that this war has to end and that I’m going to end it as president,” Obama told reporters on his campaign plane.

He is puzzled that his words matter, and that the consistent surrender in Iraq position he has held for years, and pushed hard during the entire primary season, is being drastically changed. By him. By his own words.

“I was a little puzzled by the frenzy that I set off with what I thought was a pretty innocuous statement,” he said on a flight from Montana to St. Louis. “I am absolutely committed to ending the war. I will call my joint chiefs of staff in and give them a new assignment and that is to end the war.”

Of course he is a little puzzled. He is a political neophyte, who is now attempting to abandon the base that gave him the Democrat primary win on the Iraq issue. Said base wants him to pull the troops out immediately, not even waiting 16 months, and they damned sure do not want to consult the commanders in the field, who have much better knowledge of the situation then Obama, who generally fails to show up for his committee meetings, and said commanders may influence and change the “redeployment” of the troops to their surrender positions.

“What’s really puzzling is that Barack Obama still doesn’t understand that his words matter,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.

Obama said he did not make a mistake with his earlier choice of words in describing his Iraq position — even though he called a second news conference a few hours after his initial comments to clarify his stance.

But, what is the quickest way to get the media to turn on you? That’s right, blame the media

He laid the blame with reporters.

Good job, Missiah. Keep it up.

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One Response to “Obama The Puzzled”

  1. forest hunter says:

    Every time I hear about the cut and run inanity from the zeros incapable of adding up histories lessons……..it makes me wish they were among the South Vietnamese deaths and casualties, caused by politicians, and the press. They stabbed not only the US and her allies in the back in Vietnam but, our reputation.

    They would like nothing more than to repeat that mistake again.



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