Against Illegal Immigration? Then You’re A Biological Racist

No, really. Apparently, if you believe that immigrants should come to the United States legally, you are promoting larger white families and smaller brown families

The anti-immigrant movement pushes racist policies and ideals in order to promote larger white families and smaller black and brown ones.

When anti-immigrant zealots publicize their opposition to policies that they perceive as “pro-immigrant,” they often insist that their motives are not racist. The anti-immigrant movement has carefully maintained that it is only opposed to “illegal” immigration, and welcomes immigrants who “follow the rules” and enter the country legally (even though half of all undocumented immigrants actually entered the U.S. through legal channels). Many pundits and presidential candidates similarly embrace this rhetoric. But as numerous immigrant rights organizations and columnist Andres Oppenheimer have pointed out, their assertions are in fact disingenuous.

Got that? Your racist because you believe in protecting the borders, knowing who is coming to join our wonderful country, want to put an end to all types of social supports to people whose first act in coming to the USA was illegal, and are worried about, most particularly, those who were dangerous criminals prior to coming illegally, not to mention those who commit crimes against Americans. It couldn’t be because you are worried about the sanctity of the USA and our way of life, it must be that you are a racist.

Oh, and a sexist, since many of you want to repeal the 14th Amendment, which has outlived its usefulness.

Of course, those who support the Democrat Party would know about racism. It was their policies that led to the KKK. It was their progressive policies which drove Blacks to the inner cities, and promoted reduced breeding and high abortion rates for Blacks. It was their unionization policies that locked Blacks out of jobs, putting them into so much poverty. It was their policies which established programs to keep Blacks in a perpetual welfare state. And it is their policies which promote the break up of the family, higher crime rates among minorities – particularly Blacks, as well as perpetual victim-hood.

Good thing illegals love kids, though (via Michelle M)

COTTONWOOD, Minn. — Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien.

Yup, they REALLY love sex

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, joined by leaders of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Virginia State Police, today announced a major law enforcement action to remove 171 convicted criminal alien sex offenders from Virginia.

I wonder how many offenses were against kids? But, know, it is just racist for me to even mention it.

Of course, we all know that once the Left brings up the racist tag, they have run out of legitimate arguments, and are simply going to beat their opponents into being quiet through slanderous personal tags. How does one support policies that allow people to break the law in coming to America and continued criminal activity? I know, rather then come up with a reasonable, coherent policy position, we’ll call our opponents racists! There’s the ticket!

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2 Responses to “Against Illegal Immigration? Then You’re A Biological Racist”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    PROUD to be one matey!!!

  2. Chuck says:

    Enforce the law. Build the wall. Yep count me as one too. But I am also an evil conservative!!

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