TLF: Those Wild, Wacky, Liberalised Kids At Amherst

Out of control in the liberalised edumacation system? No, it can’t be!

A raucous off-campus house party erupting into a drunken, bloody brawl. Athletes allegedly attacking other partygoers with baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, and bottles. Two students facing attempted murder charges in separate late-night dormitory confrontations that included an alleged rape and a racially charged double stabbing.

That’s the grim police blotter at UMass-Amherst over just the past three weeks, a spate of violence that has deeply rattled many students and faculty and left administrators pleading for peace. Even for a campus infamous for rowdy partying and occasional outbursts of violence, the scope and severity, over such a short time frame, have stirred widespread anger and alarm.

This is the kind of behavior the Clintonian “if it feels good, do it!” liberalism causes. So many of these adults, at least legally, who are in college today grew up to a large extent during the Clinton 90’s, a free for all of doing what one wanted to do. There are more and more instances of women getting involved in violent actions against others. And, like the school violence in the 60’s, this is certainly the realm of the progressive.

But, hey, they know how to solve it

The rash of attacks, which law enforcement and college officials describe as highly unusual for UMass, has also prompted soul-searching about the effectiveness of efforts to curb the binge drinking that is believed to be fueling violence.

“We need to shift away from looking at each individual incident, and toward looking at this as a cultural problem,” said Marianne Winters, director of the campus women’s center. “There’s this anticipation, almost an expectation, on campus that violence is a possibility.”

“Cultural problem?” On one hand, I look at that as progressive claptrap, blaming the whole instead of the individual, and, they will blame the whole student body, rather then the groups who are involved in the violence. There will be campus meetings, teach ins, and speeches about “understanding.” And yes, the police, campus and town, will be more vigilent.

The one thing that will be missing is harsh penalties from Amherst for those involved. Things like campus service (think in terms of those prisoners cleaning garbage on the side of the road), suspension, and expulsion. Liberals have forgotten that punishment works, and is a good teaching tool.

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13 Responses to “TLF: Those Wild, Wacky, Liberalised Kids At Amherst”

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  2. Silke says:

    As someone who considers themselves conservative it bothers me to see stories like this (which have nothing to do with politics) attributed to any side of the political spectrum. It has gotten so bad in this country that the words “liberal/left” and “conservative/right” are used by either side as arbitrary terms that mean anything that is bad or immoral.

  3. Hey, I call them like I see them. Because we all know that the education system is impartial politically, right?

  4. Silke says:

    Name that logical fallacy: non-sequitur

    What does that have to do with binge drinking and its connection to violence on college campuses? It is neither a liberal nor a conservative issue. It is a “young adults acting stupid” issue.

    You complain about “blaming the whole instead of the individual” and in the same breath condemn an entire political party.

  5. John Ryan says:

    well if lacrosse sticks were used they were probably not guilty.
    I think that Niafong guy might be behind all of this….. he does have priors

  6. Right Truth says:

    Consequences of Kosovo Independence on Americans and Non-Muslims…

    Is the United States supporting a terrorist state in Kosovo? Are Christians and other non-Muslims dying because of this decision? Will Russia, because of Kosovo, turn against the United States in the UN when Iran’s nuclear program is discussed again?…

  7. The NYT rides again……

    All the dirt we can dig up……

  8. Neil says:

    William Teach would not look so silly making the assertion that the violence on campus is a result of liberal values if he learned and reported on the politics of the students involved.

    How do you like this argument? Conservatives drink beer, engage in binge drinking, get into brawls, and some eventually are arrested for assualt and battery. Liberals smoke pot and eschew violence. Whose argument wins the day?

    How about those two guys who bashed in a black students window at 5AM and called him out with racial epithets? This black student defended himself with a knife and is now charged with attemtped murder. Any musings about the political orientation of the two students breaking windows and calling the black student a n*gger? What do you think would have happened if two black students went aroun UMass at 5AM yelling racial epithets and smashing a student’s window? Nevermind.

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  10. 123beta says:

    Something New From Sam……

    Coming Monday the 25th…Trackposted to Diary of the Mad Pigeon, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Woman Honor Thyself, Right Truth, The World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove, Big Dog’s Weblog, Cao’s Blog, Leanin……

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  13. 2bornot2b? says:

    They were trying to keep Ted Kennedy away from their beer kegs, and John Lurch Kerry was trying to hook up Barny Frank with a ….?

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