Cold Cash Jefferson’s Trial Delayed

Like it hasn’t been delayed enough? Like the Dept. of Justice hasn’t had plenty of time to get their case together to avoid these kinds of delays?

The trial of a Louisiana congressman charged with bribery will be delayed so an appeals court can hear arguments on whether his status as a congressman protects him from prosecution.

The trial of Rep. William Jefferson, a Democrat, had been scheduled to start next Monday. His defense attorneys filed an appeal Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.

The appeal had been expected since earlier this month, when U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III rejected an argument that the indictment should be tossed out because it unconstitutionally infringed on his privileges as a congressman.

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Here we have a Congress Critter trying to use his standing as a way out of going to the slammer. He will not be able to beat the bribery charges, that is pretty much a slam dunk.

I’m just wondering when the Democrats are going to force him out of Congress. Were he a Republican, they would have demagouged it not stop, and, quite honestly, the GOP would have at least tried to force him out, if not force him out. We probably would not have re-elected him, either. But, hey, with Democrats, power and control of Congress is generally more important then ethically proper behavior.

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4 Responses to “Cold Cash Jefferson’s Trial Delayed”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    How many ‘get out of jail free’ cards do you get by joining the demcrat party? I keep hearing locally of druggies using the revolving door at the jail house. Maybe they all carry democrat party membership cards.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Well looks like he might be having some Republican company on his cell block. Rep Rezi R-AZ was just indicted with THIRTY FIVE counts sort of makes “Cold Cash” Jefferson look like a small timer now doesn’t it

  3. It is interesting, Scrapiron, that the GOP will force Rezi out over what he did, but Cold Cash will still remain. If, God forbid, Renzi refuses to go, I bet the GOP will not re-elect him, like the Dems did with Jefferson.

    And there is you answer, John. We will not coddle our bad people. Do you approve of what is going on with Cold Cash? Remember, he is stone cold busted on the cold cash thing, and accused of $500K in bribes overall. Is that any worse or better then Renzi? What do you think should be done about Jefferson, John?

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Blackbeard… Death Star II Flight Surgeon SCOTT Stevens would like DIVERSITY with your TGIF Surrender Monkey sir! How about a Surrender Gorilla…Surrender Orangutan…Surrender Chimpanzee…
    Surrender Baboon… Surrender King Kong …Surrender Queen Kong … Mighty Joe Young … Now that’s a bananafied diverse deal Teach!

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