DUnhinged: It’s All A Sham

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Husb2Sparkly - It . Is . All . A . Fucking . Sham

Were it not a sham, Congress would be investigating CheneyBush, not some dumb ass meathead of a baseball player.

Were it not a sham, Congress would not underwrite Bush’s desire to shield telcos from criminal prosecution. (who provides your wireline and wireless service, Husb?)

Were it not a sham, Al Gore would be in the final months of a successful two term presidency and his second term Vice president would be leading in all polling. (oh, Lord, still stuck on this. Sigh)

Were it not a sham, our Congressional leaders would mount an actual opposition to the cabal. (well, at least Husb goes after Dems, too)

Were it not a sham, asshats like Slappy and Nino would never have been there to become the models for younger asshats like Alito and Roberts.

Were it not a sham, we’d have presidential primary candidates who we could tell apart by their policies, not their gender, skin color, oratorical prowess, or lack thereof. (I’m guessing Husb is not too happy with Clinton and Obama)

Were it not a sham, we would have seen a different outcome of the debacle in Ohio in 2004, particularly in view of the debacle in Florida in 2000. (funny how most of the issues were caused by Democrats, eh?)

Were it not a sham, Congress would not have authorized a sociopath to use force against a nation that represented no particular threat except to ‘his Daddy’.

Were it not a sham, we would not be burdened by energy policy written by the robber barons of the oil companies.

Were it not a sham, we would be where the entire rest of the industrialized, fully developed world is with respect to our health care.

Every Fucking Day we see it clearer and clearer …… It . Is . All . A . Fucking . Sham

Yes, Progressives do live in their own little world. Of course, so many of the responders are unhinged as well, and living in their own fantasy worlds, too!

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One Response to “DUnhinged: It’s All A Sham”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Hard to imagine ANY political party having to run second to the Democrats, how do those Republicans manage that ?

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