Global Warming Today: Kerry Goes Stupid. Now With More Sun!

Why is it that everytime there is some sort of disaster, a Democrat has to run out and show his/her sheer climahysteria?

Politicians using tragedy to advance an agenda has been a tried-and-true strategy. Paint the idea green and a natural catastrophe became political fodder for professional Vietnam Veteran and former Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry (Mass.).

Kerry appeared on MSNBC on February 6 to discuss storms that have killed at least 50 people throughout the Southeastern United States. So, of course, Kerry used the platform to advance global warming alarmism.

“[I] don’t want to sort of leap into the larger meaning of, you know, inappropriately, but on the other hand, the weather service has told us we are going to have more and more intense storms,” Kerry said. “And insurance companies are beginning to look at this issue and understand this is related to the intensity of storms that is related to the warming of the earth. And so it goes to global warming and larger issues that we’re not paying attention to. The fact is the hurricanes are more intensive, the storms are more intensive and the rainfall is more intense at certain places at certain times and the weather patterns have changed.”

Uh huh. Got some of that, you know, proof, Mr. Kerry? Last time I checked, we just had 2 extremely mild hurricane seasons. History shows that some of the worst tornado outbreaks occured through, yup, every decade. We are just able to hunt them down and “see” them better through technology advancements. The Super Outbreak of 1974 was considered the worst in U.S. history. Funny how that happened just a few years prior to several news magazines claiming an ice age was coming.

The worst drought? Didn’t that occur through the entire 1930’s and cover virtually the entire Plains area?

But, hey, good news for Monsieur Kerry

“As of this writing, no scientific studies solidly relate climatic global temperature trends to tornadoes,” Roger Edwards, of the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Center in Norman, Okla., wrote on the Earth & Sky Web site in April 2007. “I don’t expect any such results in the near future either, because tornadoes are too small, short-lived, hard to measure and count, and too dependent on day to day, even minute to minute weather conditions.”

Maybe someone can help Climahysteric John Kerry – doesn’t he live in a really big house and drive fuel guzzling cars? – out with some actual scientific facts. Na. Climahysteria is not about facts, but about saying stuff, not doing, mind you, just saying stuff that makes one feel good.

Update: via Hot Air, we find out

Islamic Rage Boy Loves Climate ChangeBack in 1991, before Al Gore first shouted that the Earth was in the balance, the Danish Meteorological Institute released a study using data that went back centuries that showed that global temperatures closely tracked solar cycles.

To many, those data were convincing. Now, Canadian scientists are seeking additional funding for more and better “eyes” with which to observe our sun, which has a bigger impact on Earth’s climate than all the tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet combined.

And they’re worried about global cooling, not warming.

Read the rest of the article. The climahysterics will surely deny that the big ball of a nuclear furnace could possibly have any impact during THIS current warming period. During the rest of Earth’s 4 billion years, yes. The last 20-30? Nope.

They will also pick apart the previous paragraph, rather then the content of the linked article.

Gribbet has more at Stop The ACLU and Gribbit’s World.

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5 Responses to “Global Warming Today: Kerry Goes Stupid. Now With More Sun!”

  1. bruce says:

    up here we call lurch john”live shot”kerry because he never misses an opportunity to get in front of the camera and make a fool of him self.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Well Teach I guess that what you mean by “we” just had 2 extremely mild hurricane seasons is that where YOU lived that was the case.
    Actually the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season was one of only 4 seasons (1960,1961, 2005,2007) to have more than one category FIVE make landfall in the same year. Perhaps a more accurate statement might have been that we in the USA were quite lucky, not that the Hurricane season was extremely mild.
    Anti-clymhystericals seem to be just as likely to selectively use “facts” as anyone else.
    Perhaps on Sunday at 8:00p.m. you might care to watch the National Geographic channel for their production of 6 Degrees. Showing what may happen with a temperature rise of that amount. A 2 degree rise means no more arctic ice.
    But of course we can also choose to ignore things like this as coming from the “looney” side of science.

  3. bruce says:

    nothing we do or don’t do will effect the weather.if anyone can prove we cause either warming or cooling go to and collect your $125,000 prize.

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “This is MY earth and MY universe! I created earth and at one time, I flooded it…” – GOD

  5. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    ‘Crazed Islamo Boy’ is similar to the Geico Cavemen? “Blowing oneself up is so easy a caveman can do it?”

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