McCain Needs Conservatives, Obama Is Nice Guy

I supposed I should step away from the Giants for a brief moment, and discuss politics. Or, better yet, let McCain and Obama discuss them

The Republican frontrunner for president, Sen. John McCain, promoted his conservative bona fides on Face The Nation, while also admitting that, should he win the GOP nomination, he would likely not win the general election without the backing of the party’s conservative base.

He also refuted claims by his opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, that the Arizona Senator was not a true conservative.

“First of all, if you examine my record, it’s more conservative than Governor Romney’s is,” he told host Bob Schieffer. “I went to Iowa and told them that I was against subsidies for ethanol. He was for them. I went to Michigan and said the old automobile jobs aren’t coming back; new ones are, but old ones aren’t. He wants to give them $20 billion, to Detroit, over four years. We went to South Carolina – same kind of deal. So look, I am proud of my conservative record, and I will run on it.

McCain’s issue is that he carries quite a bit of baggage that offends Conservatives. We all know what it is. He also has some great points, and, I respectfully, and sometimes not respectfully, disagree with the meme that McCain will kill the Republican Party. In my mind, preserving the country as we know it, and making it better, is vastly more important then Party. A Clinton or Obama presidency would destroy the country as we know it. If McCain does some damage to Conservative ideals, so be it. Is American Conservatism so weak that we must rely on one person? Is it so weak that we cannot stand on our own? One of the biggest things about being a Conservative is free thought. Being yourself. We survived Bush43, we can survive McCain.

Later, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois said his campaign was attracting not only Democrats but also independents and disenchanted Republicans – and could do so better than Sen. Hillary Clinton.

When asked about the chances that Clinton would attract more negative attacks from the GOP, Obama acknowledged “There is some history there, not all of Senator Clinton’s making, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Republicans consider her a polarizing figure. Now, keep in mind, I don’t expect, should I become the Democratic nominee, that I’m going to be immune from some of the attack that I think the Republican spin machine is so accustomed to.

“But what we have found – this is true in Illinois, when I was running for the United States Senate, I think it’s going to be true nationally – is that the tone that I take, the ability to disagree without being disagreeable, the willingness to listen to Republicans about some of their ideas, even though I may not agree with all of them – I think that creates a different climate. And I think that we can attract independents and Republicans in a way that Senator Clinton cannot.”

It’s not about your tone, B. Hussein, but about the tone that your Nutroots base takes. Bush 43 is a pretty good person, nice, congenial. He doesn’t talk very often with harsh partisan rhetoric. Doesn’t matter, as the Democrat left wing crazies will make the nasty. And they will make the nasty for you, too, B. Hussein.

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2 Responses to “McCain Needs Conservatives, Obama Is Nice Guy”

  1. Suzan Smith says:

    McCain needs conservatives…..would he like Cheese with that Whine ?

  2. Angel says:

    Hiya William..thanks for the link..sorry it got caught in my spam filter but I fished u right out!:)

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