Romney Slaps McCain’s Tax Hike

Via Sith Master Rusty, a Mitt! press release

By our calculation, a family of four would have to spend about an extra $1,000 a year if McCain-Lieberman became law. And again that’s because gasoline would rise in price by approximately .50 cents a gallon and natural gas would rise about 20 percent…..

And what’s particularly troubling about the bill is that the effect on the global environment would be negligible, and that’s because the bill does not require other nations to participate in order for the regulation to be promulgated…

I would note that Senator McCain is noted for three major pieces of legislation. I think all of them were badly flawed. And if somebody wants to know where he would lead the country you simply need to look at the three pieces of legislation with his name at the top. McCain-Feingold has not reduced the impact of money in politics, it has made it worse. McCain-Kennedy is viewed by virtually all as an amnesty bill. And McCain-Lieberman would cost the families of America as much as $1,000 a piece. All three are bills which evidence a lack of understanding of our economy, the very lack of understanding which Senator McCain has admitted on numerous occasions.”

It’s all very well and good to pander to the Climahysteria segment of the population, but, once it goes past rhetoric to an actual attempt at public law, I have a serious issue. McCain has a history of pushing bad legislation which causes actual damage. As Rusty points out, McCain-Feingold and his shamnesty bill were disasters. He may be trying to appeal to middle voters, but, this will tick off conservatives beyond belief, leading to those who would hold their nose and vote for McCain to say “ta hell with it.”

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2 Responses to “Romney Slaps McCain’s Tax Hike”

  1. John Ryan says:

    As much as $1000…….
    When Bush was elected gas was 1.25 per gal. We now pay $2 dollars more but with the increase going to oil companies and oil suppliers. I would be a lot happier if that extra 2 bucks was going for taxes to pay for crumbling bridges and highways instead of being used to fund terrorists.
    Teach what would the average or mean increase be ?
    Where or how would the additional revenue be used ?

  2. Porter Good says:

    You know what, John? I am going to use my real name to answer you on this one.

    What you wrote about gas is completely disingenuous, and false. Gas hit the $2 mark early in 2000. Guess who was president? But, I do not blame Clinton. Nor do I blame him for the recession that was approaching. A president only has so much power, and little control over the trading of oil, nor companies like Enron, WorldCom, or the dotcoms (which went boom, as you know.)

    The price of gas is due to the cost on the market. When you have China and India dramatically increasing their need, the market responded by trading higher and higher. There was nothing Clinton could do in the late 90’s, and nothing Bush could do.

    The oil companies are making the same profit percent now as they did then. Personally, believe it or not, I think oil should be taken off the exchange. It is too easy to artificially increase the price. Output still exceeds demand, but traders see a profit, and they let their common sense get the worst of them.

    You want lower prices? Talk to elected democrats and liberal environmental groups, who are blocking drilling in places like ANWAR and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as building new refineries and nuclear power plants.

    As far as what McCain-Leiberman would do, that would artificially increase the price of gas and natural gas because of government, for zero gain.

    Here in NC, we already have some of the highest, if not the highest, gas taxes in the country. I pay the same for self serve as they do in NJ for full service. Something is wrong with that.

    As to your last 2 questions, I do not have answers for those at this time. I would like to know. Because you know it will not be for drilling.

    The very fact that you only pay $3 a gallon is incredible. Consider it has to be explored, pumped, shipped, refined, loaded back on to a ship, pumped off the ship again, then transported to the local gas station. In 2000, the cost of a barrel of oil was, what, about 25-30? And gas was around $2. Now, with it in the $90’s, it is only $3.

    Oil is probably the second most valuable commodity on the world, behind people. The world runs on it. Bush has nothing to do with the prices, not in a world market. Drop the BDS, and look at the reality.

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