Fred! Withdraws. Who Do I Support Now?

Statement by Fred!

Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.

As far as people covering, that would be tons (I just got home from an all day seminar). Check Memeorandum for a bunch of links.

Some are suggesting Fred! for VP. Couldn’t go wrong with that.

My question is, who to support now? Sure, I am going to go back and research the differences, the pros and cons. Again. Looking at the Huckabee, McCain, Mitt, and even Rudy. I’m probably leaning towards Mitt. He was an early favorite of mine.

Rusty says to get behind Mitt (h/t Stop The ACLU)

Reactions from ye olde blogroll:

Who do you think I should support, and why?

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15 Responses to “Fred! Withdraws. Who Do I Support Now?”

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  2. Silke says:

    I was sorry to hear Fred Thompson withdrew and I know you are disappointed, Teach. I liked Thompson because he had the courage to talk about our looming fiscal problems with the entitlement programs when no other candidate would.

    I am not a Mitt Romney fan. He just strikes me as the consummate politician who is ready to pander to any group and willing to change his position depending on who’s vote he is trying to win.

    I like John McCain because he is a legitimate war hero. This is a man who turned down an offer by his captors to be released. He would only accept it if every man who had been taken before him were also released. This is a man who stands up for what he believes even if it isn’t politically popular. He was right about the war in Iraq and he is right about the out-of-control spending in Washington. He would make an excellent President.

  3. fourblindmice says:

    Teach – longtime lurker, first time poster. Great blog! For me, there is no question Rudy is the way to go. Here’s a guy who tamed organized crime, cleaned up NY and cut taxes – and most importantly did so from the belly of the liberal beast. I believe that he will choose strict constructionist justices, if elected. On the basis of his record, he’s a proven quality. I have no doubt he could handle anything the liberal establishment could throw his way in a general election, considering his extensive experience dealing with NY special interests, legislators and big apple media types over many years. He’s a bit goofy at times (SNL drag skits) but seems grounded and genuine. His refusal to take saudi money after 9/11 was a real character defining moment. His personal life is not “conservative” , strictly speaking, but I remind myself that I’m electing a president, not a pope. I believe we could do a lot worse than Rudy, and I look forward to supporting him in our upcoming primary!

  4. Stix says:

    Now that Fred is out, I am saddened by it, I think that I ma for Rudy. I liked Rudy before Fred got in and have not changed my mind about him. Pretty much the same thing that fourblindmice said.

    But whoever eventually gets the nomination I will be behind over any of the Defeatocrats on the other side.

  5. Basil says:

    I’m taking Fred’s lead … I think … and not throwing my support behind anyone in particular.

    I guess, as long as it’s someone who’ll pick Fred as Veep, I’ll be okay.

    Which means that I’m just waiting to see on who Fred’s running mate will be. Just like before.

  6. machiavelli says:

    First, there is a lesson from 2006 all Republicans need to learn:
    “When Republicans act like Democrats, they loose.”

    -McCain is almost a Democrat on every issue, except defense.
    -What is Mitt for? Does anyone really know?
    -Huckabee is a populist. He might was well be a Demcrat. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter.
    -Rudy–It is argued that he is rather liberal. I argue that he isn’t. What liberal imposes morality on an entire city? And cutting crime, halving murder, and kicking the porno shops out of Time Square is the hallmark of social conservative. Also, Rudy proved himself to be a hands on guy, someone who can accomplish something. We haven’t had that quality in a long time.

    With who is left in the field, my prefences are 1. Rudy, then 2. Mitt

  7. John Ryan says:

    McCain is the most liberal. Anti-torture, close Gitmo, concerned about global climate change amnesty for aliens.
    He is also the only Republican with any chance of winning.

  8. Hey, y’all, I appreciate all the input and ideas. I will certainly check them out and take them under advisement.

    Of course, no matter who wins the primaries, I will be voting GOP.

  9. boomer says:

    I was sorry to see him drop out too. He wasn’t my first choice (at this point in the race), however, I wouldn’t have had any problem with him as the Republican candidate. Teach, I like your suggestion about Fred for VP!!!

    more on my blog…

  10. Stix says:

    I agree with teach on the VP thing also, but I don’t think that he will want to. After he got out there was much speculation, but I really don’t trust anythingthe MSM is saying, even Fox News.

  11. Silke says:

    Judging by the banner on the right you have already made your choice. Mitt Romney just seems so fake to me but I guess he’s better than Giuliani.

  12. Basil says:

    Yeah, saw that banner.

    Honestly, I like mine better.

  13. Good stuff, Boomer.

    I hope the sources are right on this one this time, Stix. But, you’re right, they could be full of it.

    Well, Silke, like I said, I am leaning towards Romney. Early on, my choices were between him and Duncan Hunter. My mind can still be changed. Once I make a donation and put a fundraising link up, then it will be 100%.

    Awesome banner, Basil. Might have to steal it.

  14. Stix says:

    I hope I am wrong also. But I think his mind right now is on his mother. I think that she is intensive care and I don;t think he will want to do anything.

    I still like Rudy better but Romney is better then Huck or McCain.

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