TTLF: Lurid Fantasies. Guess The Party Affiliation

Thirsty Thursday, all beer is 2 for 1, and, while you are at it, guess this guy’s Party affiliation

A Tennessee judge resigned last month after making a recording of fantasies so lurid that when the tape fell into the hands of the police and FBI, they thought they were listening to a torture session and believed it might be linked to a murder case.

Ultimately, investigators brought no charges against Circuit Judge John B. Hagler, and police said Wednesday he is not a suspect in any investigation.

But the sensational case has led to allegations of professional retaliation, interdepartmental intrigue and strategic news leaks.

The recording was investigated by authorities more than two years ago, but its existence did not come to light publicly until just a few weeks ago, and details on the contents are only now coming out, at a hearing that began Wednesday on whether police must release the tape.

Guessed yet?

“It sounded like someone being tortured,” Chattanooga police Sgt. Alan Franks testified Wednesday, offering the first details of what is on the tape.

Franks said the recording was investigated in relation to a still-unsolved 1997 murder. He gave no other details on the murder case.

“The content was so shocking. I have been a police officer for 24 years,” Franks said before his testimony was cut off by an objection.

Investigators ultimately concluded the recording consisted only of fantasies.

OK, so it is some weird, sick fantasies.

Hagler said that he had done nothing wrong but that the recording had caused great embarrassment to friends, family and the courts. Hagler, who is 65 and married, has been a circuit judge in Cleveland, Tenn., since 1990 and served three terms as president of the Tennessee Trial Judges Association.

Now, the point here is not to highlight the possibility that the judge is being shafted or anything, it is to highlight how the media has gone out of its way to avoid mentioning that Circuit Judge John B. Hagler is, in fact, a Democrat. He is also the presiding judge of the circuit. He was recently re-elected, as a Democrat, in 2006.

None of the AP stories contained that information. Virtually none of the stories going back into early December, when this started hitting the news, included his Party affiliation. I found a whopping 3 stories that even mentioned his affiliation. If he was a Republican, think that would have been splashed all over every story? Think it would be all over the liberal blogs, and somehow linked to Bush?

More: Newsbusters notices the same thing.

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20 Responses to “TTLF: Lurid Fantasies. Guess The Party Affiliation”

  1. DanMan says:

    Yep, a game I learned to play after reading the MRC. When the news is bad and no party is mentioned, it will be a democrat. Thanks for the confirmation because I did have to look for it.

  2. M.B. says:

    Oh C’mon. If only it were that easy to identify sickos. You are completely insane if you think violent and/or sick behavior is limited to democrats.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach is this just of the”I hate all things Democrat” ?
    Which of the groups within the modern Democratic Party are most loathsome to you ?
    The Jews that voted 87% for the Democrats in 2006
    Women who voted 55% to 43% for the Democrats ?
    Blacks that voted 89% for the Democrats ?

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  5. Welcome, Dan. It took awhile for me to find it, had to hit just the right combination of words.

    M.B., I never stated that it is limited to Democrats. Bad people can be from any party. Humans have failings. The point was that the media tends to gloss over party affiliation when it is a Dem involved, and they can get away with not mentioning it. If this was a Republican, do you think that would have been made abundantly clear?

    Care to comment on the substance of the post, John?

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  7. Silke says:

    I think you have a point here, Teach.

  8. H.M. says:

    Is party affiliation appropriate? Perhaps if you’re the party of family values, and said party continually violates those family values, the press feels vindicated in exposing the hypocrisy. Let’s also recognize that the Republicans who have been exposed were holding an office such that party affiliation was clearly evident, ie. Craig and Foley. Have there been other Republicans who are not elected Representatives or Senators that have been caught and ID’d as Republicans? Generally speaking, I think there are plenty of scumbags in both parties.

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  13. Right Truth says:

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  14. Thank you, Silke.

    Yes, HM, there are plenty of scum in both parties. However, my point stands: the MSM tends to avoid discussing the party affiliation, even of known Dems, when they get in trouble. Heck, many times, they avoid even discussing the issue. How much coverage did William Jefferson get?

    They barely touch on, even locally, the ethics and criminal charges against state reps Jim Black and Thomas Wright (Democrats), but, if someone remotely connect to a Republican candidate steps over the line, front page news.

    Larry Craig was major news for tapping his foot against another guys, and pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. What would have happened if he had a D after his name?

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