Sheehan’s Protest Fizzles

You’ll remember I mentioned the other day that Loopy Cindy was planning on extending her 15 minutes of D celebrity time with a protest at the Rose Bowl Parade. How’d it turn out? (h/t Blue Crab Boulevard)

Two groups were protesting at the parade. Dozens of anti-war protesters led by “Peace Mom” Cindy Sheehan staked out spots across from television cameras, hoisting signs reading “Impeachment is Patriotic.” The protesters were booed by parade watchers sitting in the grandstand.

“This is not the occasion for this,” said Mary Feichtel, 63, of Florida.

One protester was arrested for holding up a sign and obstructing others’ view of the parade, Pasadena Police Department Lt. Keith Jones said.

After the parade finished, a group of more than 100 anti-war protesters marched down the route. Sheehan spoke to a gathering of protesters at Pasadena City Hall.

“We are all here for accountability,” Sheehan said. “You didn’t ruin anybody’s parade, they got to see the truth.”

Liberals always think it’s their right to screw up other peoples days with their antics.

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5 Responses to “Sheehan’s Protest Fizzles”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Cindy can put the ultra right into a PANIC !! mode just by showing up.

  2. John Ryan says:

    And the protester that was arrested was protesting the 2008 Olympics being held in Red China, not part of Cindy’s group.
    Come on Teach do a little checking here !

  3. Russ says:

    Knowing Sheehan and her mob were going to show up, had I gone to the parade, I’d have brought a bag of rotten fruit for the occasion.

  4. John, I made no mention of what the protester who was arrested was protesting. All I did was post the story. YOU made that insinuation, not me.

    That would have been fun, Russ. Maybe some good rotten eggs. These liberals are unhinged.

  5. Stacys says:

    John, can you at least admit that her protesting at the Rose Bowl Parade was in poor taste? If you can’t recognize that, than you lose ALL credibility with me. There is a time and a place for protests, this was not one of them. Or anything that Westboro shows their disgusting, hell bound faces at.

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