WTW: Thanks For The Loss In Fallujah, Liberals!

Morning, y’all, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here on another infidel destroying White Trash Wednesday. All jihadi’s around the world are snickering with our camels over this report

A secret intelligence assessment of the first battle of Fallujah shows that the U.S. military thinks that it lost control over information about what was happening in the town, leading to “political pressure” that ended its April 2004 offensive with control being handed to Sunni insurgents.

“The outcome of a purely military contest in Fallujah was always a foregone conclusion – coalition victory,” read the assessment, prepared by analysts at the U.S. Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center, or NGIC.

“But Fallujah was not simply a military action, it was a political and informational battle. … The effects of media coverage, enemy information operations and the fragility of the political environment conspired to force a halt to U.S. military operations,” concluded the assessment.

The brethren couldn’t have done it without you, liberals and the liberal Big Media! We probably do not say thank you for your support often enough, so, thank you!

The authors said the press was “crucial to building political pressure to halt military operations,” from the Iraqi government and the Coalition Provisional Authority, which resulted in a “unilateral cease-fire” by U.S. forces on April 9, after just five days of combat operations.

Crucial to the failure, the authors said, was the role of the Arabic satellite news channels Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

An Al Jazeera crew was in Fallujah during the first week of April 2004, when the Marines began their assault on the city of 285,000 people.

The good channels. And your American media picked it up and lapped it up like a rabid kitten at a bowl of milk.

Fortunately, your pResident B*sh (got that saying from the Democratic Underground), who was facing reelection, bowed to the pressure from the hysterical left (just because we thank them, doesn’t mean we like them. I believe you call them “useful idiots”) and did not level Fallujah.

I reckon I do have the feeling that the leaker of this secret document is going to be in big trouble, though.

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9 Responses to “WTW: Thanks For The Loss In Fallujah, Liberals!”

  1. Silke says:

    Contrary to your assertion that the liberal media is to blame for the loss in Fallujah, this report by NGIC actually concludes that the Western media was crucial to the eventual success in Fallujah. The article even states that once Western reporters were present (during the Second Battle of Fallujah) they were able to offer a rebuttal to the Arab media.

    By contrast, the assessment stated that later in 2004, when U.S.-led forces successfully retook Fallujah, they brought with them 91 embedded reporters representing 60 press outlets, including Arabic ones.

    “False allegations of non-combatant casualties were made by Arab media in both campaigns, but in the second case embedded Western reporters offered a rebuttal,” the authors said.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach is a busy man, he doesn’t have the time to actually read the articles before he does the cut and paste.
    Conservatives have really turned into a whiney bunch now that they are in the minority.
    The ultra right have been complaining about the MSM for over 40 years they used to p[oint out that it was run by the Jews, now they use code words like “liberals”

  3. Stacy says:

    It does say on page 2 that in the 2nd go-around in Fallujah embedded Western reporters offered a rebuttal to the reports of Al Jazeera. The only thing I’d like to point out is that I saw many of those reports from the MSM. Many were still not kind to our soldiers. That would be my only gripe. I do believe Western media is doing well these days with acknowledging what many on the right have known for some time.

    And for the record, I am to this day still undecided about the Iraq war.

  4. Silke says:

    John, I wouldn’t go that far. I consider myself conservative but I don’t think there is a Big Media conspiracy. However, since journalism is a human endeavor I do think it’s inherently subject to some bias. For instance this study conducted by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy did find some bias when it comes to the current presidential race:


    I also think the media in general (especially in today’s 24-hour news cycle) tends to focus on superficial things and often misses the important substance of a story. The media is important but we need to hold them to high standards. I just think Teach could have used a better example than this story.

  5. My dear infidel Silke, perhaps thou should readeth the full article. Our media did the first good job on reporting what you infidels did, and your media lapped it up. Sure, your media kinda helped with the second action, but, would it have been necessary if they hadn’t harmed the first?

    Infidel John, I am not Teach. Please pay attention.

    Stacy, yes, unfortunately for the Jihadi fighters, your media has been doing well. We must work on our propoganda better.

    There is no actual media conspiracy, it is just that, like your schools, media has been dominated by Liberals, making it tough for your Conservatives to enter the fray and be noticed. Keep up the good work, as the only ones we Jihadi’s worry about having to fight are conservatives.

  6. I understand how you feel about Operation Iraqi Freedom, Stacy. Personally, I believe it was the right thing to do, unfortunately, there were two problems: one, planners failed to recognize that Iraqi troops would pretty much give up quick, as they did in the first Gulf war. It’s not that they are cowards, but that they had no real reason to fight. Protecting Saddam and his henchmen? Nope. We should have seen it coming.

    Second, we should have shut the borders down immediately, proclaiming that anyone coming across at non-designated areas would be fired upon. This would have stopped so much of the foreign fighters from the get go. as well as from Iran and Syria.

    Of course, perhaps high command wanted the fight against foreign fighters to take place. Iraq is a much better place then Afghanistan to fight.

    Also, W and other elected officials should have been out there fighting back against all the naysayers and people trying to tear the mission down on a constant basis, rather then a shot across the bow every now and then. They just were not standing up for the war so that it could have ended sooner. Words have consequences, and when only one side is being heard, people are going to tend to listen. Heck, I know many conservatives who would say “if Bush won’t defend the war, why should I?”

    I do think it is high time for the Iraqi gov’t to get their asses in gear and get it done, so that we can move our troops out of Iraq and on to other things. And, yes, you can quote me, john.

  7. Silke says:

    SS Mohammed said: My dear infidel Silke, perhaps thou should readeth the full article.

    I did. And then I read the actual report. The Arab media coverage during the First Battle of Fallujah influenced Iraqi domestic support. There is no mention of the U.S./Western media other than to note its absence in the first battle and its significance in the second.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that in your world a report that assesses the importance of Western media in contributing to an eventual victory in Fallujah is completely ignored and then actually used to criticize it. Wow!

  8. Consider, Silke, that the western media was, at the time, harping the views that they were getting from sources such as Al Jazeera and talking about it being bad, which changed the will and the force for operations against Fallujah.

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