TTLF: Stories That Make You Go Duh!

Being the day after Christmas, most of the stories out there (of interest) tend to deal with some of the great things people did during Christmas. There are some minor political ones, of course, and then there are the ones that really make you sit back and say “duh!”

RALEIGH, N.C. – For the first time since 1992, when he won his first term as state attorney general, a presidential election year will pass in 2008 without Gov. Mike Easley running for statewide office.

But the race to replace Easley, one of 11 gubernatorial showdowns next year, figures to focus on his record in the Executive Mansion.

“It’s largely a referendum on how people view how North Carolina is doing, and certainly Gov. Easley’s term is part of that,” said Chris Fitzsimon, executive director of NC Policy Watch, a liberal political watchdog group.

Imagine that, an election based on how people view the way things are going! I’m shocked, just shocked!

But, good news, ye olde AP managed to slip in a Shillary reference

Held in a presidential year, the governor’s race could turn on the national election. Should New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton win the Democratic nomination, for example, her polarizing history could turn off some conservative Democratic voters. But she might also top a Democratic slate led by three women, if Perdue and state Sen. Kay Hagan, who is running for U.S. Senate, win their primaries.

Doubtful. National politics generally do not affect State elections all that much.

On the other side of the ballot, the GOP could suffer if the Iraq war further wears on President Bush’s approval ratings and creates a Democratic surge similar to that seen in 2006, when the party regained control of Congress.

Perhaps if the media would report on what is going on in Iraq honestly, it wouldn’t be an issue.

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