East Carolina Fans Supporting The Troops

Caught this over at The Jawa Report by Mike Pechar, also featured at Interested Participant, before I found it on my RSS for ECU. Pretty awesome

East Carolina University football fans are buying tickets to their team’s bowl game in Hawai’i, but they are donating them to military personnel who expect to spend time there during the Christmas holiday.

Assistant athletic director for ticketing and marketing Scott Wetherbee said ECU wants to be sure someone will sit in its seats for the Sheraton Aloha Bowl on Dec. 23 in Honolulu by buying tickets and donating them to active members of the service.

Well, this is simply excellent. Us ECUers knew that not many fans would be flying over to Hawaii, so what better way to use the tickets? None of my friends who are ECU alumni, like myself, are heading over.

Any Pirate’s fans out there, or, heck any fans, if you want to buy and donate, head over to this page, it tells you how. I just ordered two. Would love to go myself, but…..

Why else do you think this blog is called Pirate’s Cove?

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One Response to “East Carolina Fans Supporting The Troops”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … now you know why we send our kids to conservative RED STATE southern universities! IN GOD WE TRUST and pass the sweet tea matey. NO GED’s required: Good Enough for Defeatocrats.

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