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Aside: Michelle M. Liveblogging GoE

Definately have to check the post. Great stuff, including how the Left, who says they support our troops, cursed out Gold Star Families

Hitchhikers Guide To Liberals

Ran across the slight, and I mean slight, possibility of a Hitchhikers sequal (yes, I did really like the movie,) thought these quotes fit the Libs perfectly Arthur: All my life I’ve had this strange feeling that there’s something big and sinister going on in the world. Slartibartfast: No, that’s perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the […]

Global Warming Today: SUV Hypocrisy

Stirring the puddin’! Humans love to complain; humans love to be afraid. And politicians prey upon both traits. Does that mean I dismiss global warming as a non-issue? Hardly. No matter which side of the debate you read, it’s clear that human activity has increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, and that has likely contributed […]

Guess Who Said This

When in the course of human……no, wait, that is someone who was pro-American. Four score and seven…..nope, still pro-American. Eh, you guess President Bush will one day be tried in court just like deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for his involvement in the Iraq tragedy, (Guess the leader) said Friday. "A day will come that the current […]

Aside: Patraeus Wants To Be President

Goodness! Imagine a Unites States General Officer wanting to be President of the US. I mean, that has never happened before, right, so it must be exposed, smeared, and stopped! (check the links)

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