Daily Archives: September 3, 2007

Good Thing We Didn’t Go It Alone Against The N.K.’s, Eh?

Remember, that was the refrain from the left on how they wanted the Bush Admin to deal with North Korea (here, here, and here, among others.) When we start with over 40 countries helping with Operation Iraqi Freedom, they claimed we were going it along. When we were involved in six party talks to stop […]

Comrade Edwards Would Require Doctors Visits (now with more evil!)

Achtung! Der Fuhrer hopeful has spoken (Ok, so I am mixing political metaphors. I think you will see why in a second) TIPTON, Iowa — Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said on Sunday that his universal healthcare proposal would require that Americans go to the doctor for preventive care. ”It requires that everybody be covered. It […]

Beer Monday: Who Says Bush Never Apologizes?

Monday. Time to get busy, do some hard work, kiss some serious booty sit back and enjoy the holiday, play some golf, drink a lot of beer, watch some baseball, and try not to burn yourself on the grill. Or anything else Almost a year ago, I discussed a Wiccan soldier finally being allowed to have […]

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