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Bush Vs. The Evil Dead

Watch of, there is a new enemy in the world!!!!! Thanks to Jay at Stop the ACLU, who found it at a lefty blog, proving that, yes, there is at least one Liberal who has a sense of humor. If you want another good from Jay, check out this video, where Bin Laden and Keith […]

AP Needs Fact Checking. Again

Via Powerline comes this gem of a whopper Under the administration of U.S. President Bill Clinton, the United States joined a U.N. meeting in Kyoto and agreed to the protocol. But the United States rejected it under the administration of President George W. Bush, Clinton’s successor. Please refer to the BS Meter in the previous […]

Aside: Kerry Panders To Nutroots

John "I’ll tell you my Iraq plan if elected" Kerry shows up at the Hufftard Post, preaching doom and gloom, retreat and defeat, and promises to keep them in the loop on how that is going. As much as I love to excerpt the wackos, Kerry isn’t worth more then an aside.

Silky To Come Out With Anti-Terror Plan?

No, wait, it will strictly be in terms of slurring President Bush, as well as Hillary (which is proven later in this post) With the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks looming, John Edwards will present a stark assessment of the country’s struggle against terrorism Friday, saying the nation is less safe than it […]

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