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Alicia Silverstone: D List Celeb Goes Nude For PETA

Heh heh. It is always amusing when a former Hollywood star does something silly like this Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSAOrder a FREE vegetarian starter kit at Yup, I am using the direct PETA feed for a hoot. I remember someone writing a few years ago that it is about time for her to get […]

Kos Kid: I Don’t Support The Troops…oops, there, I said it

Finally, someone in Leftard World admits what they really think This has been digging at me for, oh, about 4 years now. I have been hesitant to express this thought, in comments sections and in discussion with other people about the Iraq quagmire for fear of, I don’t know, being called mean. Or, un-American. Or […]

Aside: VH To Pose For Sexy Photos

Hollywood.com is reporting that "disgraced teen" Vanessa Hudgens, she of camera phone nude shot fame, might pose for some sexy (non-nude) shots, ala Hayden Panattiere. That should earn her some respect!

TTLF: Bad Week For Democrats

It has been a bad week for Democrats, particularly Wednesday. Perhaps we could make an exception and let them have a beer? First, Ahmadinejad was denied access to Ground Zero. Seething that Bush stopped that nice, well dressed man. I’m not kidding. Next, the Webb Amendment, which was a backdoor attempt to make sure troops […]

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