TLF: HuffPost Offers Prayers For John Roberts

Usually, I would have had this kind of stuff yesterday, but, limited internet. Visiting the parents, Comcast cable sucks, and lots of wine. Unfortunately, I would put for the hypothesis that most of these liberals, commenting on the siezure that SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts had, were probably only high on Seething

  • The only way we can do anything to replace, restrict, or reprimand an officer of the federal government is through the steps given to us in the US Constitution. Well, he falls. I have no idea why or how, but that is an act of God, as they say. Let us not try to tempt God or call the Devil.
  • Well there is a God after all. This man was going to set this nation back 100 years with the type of conservatism activist Federalist law he practices. Let God’s will be done!!!!
  • But seriously, my favorite line in the AP story was "father of two small children". Both of those little Aryan darlings were adopted from some neo-liebensborn program by their "parents", the only gay marriage officially sanctioned by the Vatican.

    Still, why cute Johnny and not patentedly-evil Scalia? Is God working in mysterious ways again?

  • speaking of ‘sucking’, Roberts is a closet queer…and frequents some of the DC area’s gay bars during the workweek (Mondays & Tuesdays mainly) so as not to be noticed…
  • The only ‘attacking’ of children is being done by BushCo stealing oil out of future generations of Iraquis
  • Someone needs to check his medicine cabinet now. Multiple seizures in one so young are usually drug related and come from drug interactions or unsupervised withdrawal
  • I can understand why John Roberts suffered a seizure…let’s be honest, there’s got to be a lot of pressure on you when your job is to dismantle the Constitution on the United States and throw an entire civilization back into the Middle Ages.
  • Jesus! Another Bush toadie fell over his own bullshit again?
  • a very long uncivil argument on abortion on demand, typical talking points)
  • Lets hope he is injured seriously. Chief Justice Roberts is a corupt right wing Bush lick ass criminal.
  • Hopefully he wasnt injured because he might have taken a stance against all this shredding of the constitution or executive privilege hiding crimes or illegal wiretapping or invasion of Iraq or No Child Left Behind or voter fraud or mistreatment of returning injured Vets or… fill in the blank. (had to sneak some BDS in there) 

Too bad, most of the really choice comments are on "some other (hidden) server." They would be even the more insane, which Arianna says she is not responsible for. You know, she is just the one who owns the site.

Michelle M monitored Wonkette.

Lone Wacko is on the DUmmies.

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2 Responses to “TLF: HuffPost Offers Prayers For John Roberts”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Some people who post on Huffy’s site are COMMUNISTS!!
    If your best debate tactic that you have left is that there are some wackos in the 2/3 of the US population that are now aligned with the Democrats perhaps its time to go back to the Stay the Course slogan.

  2. John Ryan says:

    MOM !!!
    The other kids are being bad again !!

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