Slick Demands Surrender, Er, Redeployment Plan For Iraq

Once a retreat-er, always a retreat-er

(Political Radar) Bill Clinton said he agrees with his wife.

"They need a withdrawal plan.  Then they can argue about when to start it.  But they need a plan, " he said. "I think that every responsible supporter of the president’s policy should be in favor of having a plan."

I wonder if the Hillary and Bill Show have, you know, asked President Bush if he has one. Has anyone? How do we know that there is not one? The media, the Democrats, their mouth pieces, and the left-o-sphere has seemed to assume there is not one, but they never seem to ask. Obviously, if there is one, it would be kept secret. We would not want the jihadi’s to know what it is. And it is simply irresponsible for the Democrats to continue their bloviation without actual knowledge.

Of course, let’s not forget the retreat in Somalia, and the US, along with the UN, turning their backs on the Rwandans in 1994.

Now, to be perfectly honest, the least the Bush admin could do would be to say "yes, we have one, but, it is secret, for obvious reasons." Not that the forces of the Left would believe the admin, but at least it would be out there.

Funniest part of the post

In an interview with ABC’s Kate Snow in Lusaka, Zambia, Bill Clinton called Edelman "one of the more ideological holdovers" in the Defense Department.

"I think it’s wrong to politicize national security," he said.

Is it wrong to launch air strikes and million dollar plus cruise missiles for political purposes, such as allegations of sexual misconduct? Release national security programs, such as the terrorist surveillance program? Don’t remember Slick having a problem with that one. How about grandstanding in Congress? I could go on and on in the vein, so, just insert your favorite politicization of national security here __________ .

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2 Responses to “Slick Demands Surrender, Er, Redeployment Plan For Iraq”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Your hatred of all things Clinton puts you on the fringe of American society.

  2. So, nothing as to the actual substance of the post, John?

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