14 Questions After Live Earth

Now that the Goracle’s concert even is over, I wonder if the media will do their job and ask questions. I’ll give kudos to Al if he put on the concert because of belief, but, based on his own lifestyly, I have to call BS on his motives. His concert let people go out, have a good time (supposedly), listen to some music, and drink some brews on a nice weekend.

But, this was a huge money maker, and produced tons of CO2 and garbage. It was held in some interesting places. So, some questions which the media should be asking

  1. How much money did Live Earth raise, and where is it going to go? The website and the press releases are rather vauge on the subject, other then to buying some lightbulbs.
  2. How much CO2 did the whole event create, and exactly which carbon offset companies will be used? Will Al Gore’s company be one of them?
  3. How much did Gore personally make off the concert?
  4. Will any of the profits be used to help the people living in squalor in Rio?
  5. Whose bright idea was it to have a daytime concert in Washington, D.C. and East Rutherford, NJ, in mid summer?
  6. How many people got heat stroke in D.C. and the Meadowlands?
  7. If the organizers and performers refuse to live the life, why should we?
  8. How many people’s minds did the concert actually change? Or were they just their for the music?
  9. If "everyone" is in agreement over man made global warming, what could the concerts possibly achieve?
  10. Native Energy, one of the carbon offset companies recommended at the Live Earth website, was a big supporter of "An Inconvenient Truth," featuring links on their website, with reciprical ones from the movie website. Paramount Studios paid Native for Gore’s "offsets" as he travelled around to promote the movie. Coincidence?
  11. The other recommended company, The CarbonNeutral Company, is not only linked to Gore’s movie, but sells offsets to the company, Generation Investment Management, that Gore is a major investor in. How much does Gore stand to make off this little web of intrigue?
  12. Why was one the concerts held in a country that is considered to be the worst polluter in the world, as well as one of the worst CO2 emmitters, and refuses to sign Kyoto?
  13. If the Live Earth website doesn’t even understand Giants Stadium is in New Jersey, not New York, how can we trust any other "facts" they put forth?
  14. How much money, and where is it going?

You know that none will be asked by the Big Media.

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    “Gore Aid”…

    “Gore Aid”

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