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Hey, why shouldn’t I make some money off of the concert? Everyone else is

LOS ANGELES – The Live Earth concert series will finally be staged in eight cities around the world on Saturday, but all the businesses involved have been capitalizing on the event for months.

The cross-continent, 24-hour event promoting climate-change awareness and starring over 100 musicians is expected to bring together 2 billion viewers, an appealing potential customer pool to businesses. NBC Universal, the official broadcaster, is just one of many tapping into the power of green. Apple, General Motors and American Express are advertising on the worldwide show.

I wonder how much the Goracle is going to make, especially when he pushes people to use his carbon offsets company?

More thoughts, such as they are: how wise is it to have a concert in the Meadowlands or Washington, D.C. in the middle of the summer during the day? Does the word "heatstroke" ring a bell? It wasn’t like the day time temps were in the lower 90’s in both places. Fortunately, the humidy was low at both, as well.

I once went to a Dead concert, Tom Petty opened, in D.C. in July. Lord, it was hot and muggy.

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