1. closed-minded: completely intolerant of different views and standards of behavior for those who are not liberal. Will accept behavior that includes smearing feces on themseleves to avoid arrest, and violence against those who do not hold the same views. Extremist Muslims are exempt in all cases.

2. politics progressive politically or socially: favoring immediate reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy to pets, dead people, convicted felons, and non-citizens, distribute money from those who work to those who are incapable of getting a real job, and protect the personal freedom of the collective, except in the case of #1.

The definition of liberal sums up liberals themselves quite nicely.

Liberals believe in socialism, human abortion, and the fabric of the collective.

Liberals are progressive because they believe that problems are to be discussed in committee, not acted upon like the neocons are wont to do.

Liberals also believe in empowering people to change their position after enlightening research, reflection, and focus groups, especially if there is a trip to the Cayman Islands involved.

Liberalism is a philosophy that is at once intellectual and activist, the opposite of the deliberately realistic and actionable neocon movement.

In short, the liberal is one who believes in the ability of man to blame others for his problems, believes in the individual freedom of abortion, and the ennoblement of mankind through making all men pansies.

This stands in juxtaposition to the neocons, who forcefully argue for equality for all, versus the liberals, who argue for special privileges based on race or inabilities.

Neocons believe that "every man can work hard and make it" is the appropriate mantra for society. "Every man can work hard and make it" is an appropriate rallying cry for a great nation, but is not for a socialist paradise.

With liberal doctrine we can destroy an economy, ignore terrorism, appease roque regimes, make porn easily accessible on TV, provide abortions for all, devalue the human as an individual, save mass murderers, and eliminate that pesky Christian religion.

The neoconservative creed is one of value and individualism

The liberal outlook is one of anger and rage, protesting and filling out petitions, backwards looking and intrannsient, a truly regressive philosophical stance for a homogenous and unfulfilling life. Doesn’t matter anyway, since the world is going to end shortly from global warming, so have fun with the feces, and damage some property with neocon stickers!

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