A Little Moonbattery For British Attacks

A few choice threads from the DU. Huff Post is no fun anymore, due to the way they now have threaded responses

brettdale Glasgow attack takes the media away from the CIA Documents. Brillant timing.

Demeter 1. If They Didn’t Want the Family Jewels Exposed, They Could Have Sat On Them for another 60 years, or 18 months, anyway. Unless it’s flushing out more whistleblowers. Blowback…that’s the technical term for it, right, George?

Now that is choice BDS. Linking the release of the CIA papers to Bush, with the terror attacks as a distraction. No need to explain it, eh?

sicksicksick_N_tired FUCK!!! EVERY NEWS STATION IS OBSESSED WITH FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!!! I should have stuck with something other than "news".

I am appalled at how there is an obsession with a POSSIBLE destruction that NEVER HAPPENED while there is so much destruction in Iraq, destruction of people’s sense of safety in the USA and the UK, destruction of the US Constitution, destruction of democracy, destruction of human lives/decency/integrity/equality/etc.

Forgive me for tuning into that grotesque shit.

Forgive me.

Someone’s Prozac prescription needs refilling.

Bucky 14. Actually, my understanding is that this was a faulty model of the Cherokee. Some dumbass on the assembly line put the steering wheel and brakes on the passenger side of the jeep. What a Moran!

Is that ironic or just coincidental? Heh!

Taverner 3. I am convinced the Glassgow truck fire was CIA. Islamists do not run from their bombs – they go with them. That’s a big part of their strategy. Of course, they were caught – which means something went wrong.

I wonder if any black helicopters have been seen?

KoKo01 New British PM get’s WARNING about being SOFT ON TERRA! wonder what NEW DEM PRESIDENT will get when that person assumes the office in 2009. Seems "Shadow Government" always sends SHOTS ACROSS BOW as WARNINGS.

I think KoKo dropped a few "o’s" in the screen name.

Jacobin 80. NewsFlash: There are a number of Muslims supremely pissed off at Great Britain and the U.S.?

when we attack their countries and their way of life, sometimes they fight back.

Another case of blaming anyone other then the terrorists themselves. Sigh. That’s enough loonacy.

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