Daily Archives: June 13, 2007

Anti-Syrian MP Killed

I’m just oh-so-glad that Nance Pelosi got that region settled down (BBC) An anti-Syrian MP is among at least 10 people killed in an explosion in Beirut’s waterfront area. Walid Eido died in the blast, in the mainly Muslim Manara neighbourhood, his party’s television station and officials said. Guess her little scarf wearing episode didn’t […]

WP Plugins: WYSIWYG, Emoticons, And Others

(I’ve been sitting on this damn post for almost a month, ’bout time to post it, now that I have had ample experience with Xihna) See, I have been looking around for a plugin or plugins that would replace my existing WYSIWYG editor. I do not use the default WP one, as I like to […]

Boehnor Declares War

Now, the primo question is, will he sustain it, or will it be the usual, ie, a few shots across the bow? (The Hill) House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) yesterday moved to “declare war” on the appropriations earmarks process set by House Democrats last week, vowing to use parliamentary procedures to delay and potentially […]

Illegals Busted In Oregon

I question the timing. I wonder if this is supposed to make the Bush Admin look tough on illegal workers? That’s my moonbat statement of the day (AP) U.S. federal agents on Tuesday raided the offices of a food processing plant suspected of employing hundreds of illegal workers who used Social Security numbers that belonged […]

WTW: Green Is Very Brown

Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here, and I come bearing bubblegum. Just don’t laugh while chewing it, OK. I reckon I won’t be held responsible for any chokin’. Why? (CNSNews.com) – Call it green pollution. The ethanol industry, which is marketed as environmentally friendly and has been called a "cornerstone of America’s energy policy," is dirtying air […]

Socialists Not Happy With Hillary

Like I’ve been saying, the far left doesn’t really like her, either Saturday’s Detroit town hall meeting for Hillary Clinton, sponsored by the Detroit and Michigan AFL-CIO, should dispel any illusion that the election of a Democratic president in 2008 will put an end to the aggressive, America-first foreign policy that produced the Bush administration’s […]

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