Daily Archives: June 26, 2007

Taliban Tried To Use Child As Suicide Bomber

As the Left rails against anything the Bush administration, and the United States, does in the war against radical Islam, decrying every action, assualting every mistake made, questioning the timing of every pro-US/military news release, and saying "hey, we are patriots, why are you questioning us?", why do they not speak up against radical Islam when […]

Redeploy Now!

Eric Allie at Townhall.

Shamnesty On The Floor

I usually hate to do a quick post, and say watch what is going on, but Real Life is calling. Follow what is going on over at Michelle Malkin’s, and, if you are in North Carolina, call the offices of Richard Burr (202) 224-3154, who says he will vote "yes" on cloture, but "no" on […]

TLF: Ed Schultz Needs Cheese And Crackers

He is drinking some very heavy whine (CNSNews.com) – A popular left-wing talk show host claims liberal radio listeners are being denied the "fair market opportunity" their conservative counterparts receive, but a national media expert countered that the only standards any radio personality must meet are "ratings and revenue." "The numbers are undeniable – this […]

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