Illegal Immigration Today: A Vote Of No Confidence

It's getting testy in Border Patrol land

The leaders of the U.S. Border Patrol's rank-and-file agents have unanimously voted a no-confidence resolution against Chief David V. Aguilar, citing, among other things, his willingness to believe the "perjured allegations" of criminal aliens over his own agents. 

The resolution won endorsement from all 100 top leaders of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), which represents all 11,000 of the U.S. Border Patrol's nonsupervisory field agents, and targeted Chief Aguilar's lack of support for field agents, several of whom have been prosecuted on civil rights grounds involving arrests of illegal aliens and drug-smuggling suspects.

Chief Aguilar says there was nothing he could really do or say, since the agents were basically bad for violating the civil rights of illegal aliens. Obviously, the chief doesn't understand what standing behind his agents means.

The resolution outlined a growing "disconnect" between Chief Aguilar and the agency's front-line agents, who have been asked by President Bush to play an increasingly larger role in defending the country from terrorists, illegal aliens and drug smugglers. It cited a "growing frustration" among the field agents over the "misguided policies and politics" of the agency and the refusal of its top managers to speak out against them. 

It accused the chief of "shamelessly promoting amnesty and a greatly expanded guest-worker program as key elements of the solution to the illegal immigration crisis" despite intense opposition from front-line agents "who risk their lives enforcing our nation's immigration laws."

Granted, many of the misguided policies are those of President Bush and Congress, who fail to understand what securing the borders really means. Apparently, though, the Chief is not helping.

Meanwhile, how are the liberals reacting? Well, first, Liberal Mecca (San Francisco)

Mayor Gavin Newsom vowed Sunday to maintain San Francisco as a sanctuary for immigrants and do everything he can to discourage federal authorities from conducting immigration raids.

The mayor cannot stop federal authorities from making arrests, Newsom told about 300 mostly Latino members of St. Peter's Church and other religious groups supporting immigrants. But no San Francisco employee will help with immigration enforcement.

Here we have the mayor of one of the most liberal cities in the USA declaring he will not follow the law. That should make you proud, libs.

Here's an idea – pull all federal funding for San Francisco till they comply with the law of the land, which includes statutes in the State of California, meaning they are 10th Amendment worthy.

Of course, the illegal supporters say we should arrest them "because of the children." Well, let's send the whole family back to where they came from. And what of American children, who are being forced to deal with the higher costs of health care and crime because of illegal aliens? Do they not matter?

Finally, the Washington Times has another story regarding the Democrats and their support of illegals dividing voters.

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5 Responses to “Illegal Immigration Today: A Vote Of No Confidence”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Whenever the Washington Times is cited I really believe it should be noted that it is heavily subsidized by the Unification (Moonie) Church. Its circulation is about 1/7th of the Washington Post.

  2. So, no real comment on the issue, eh?

    I cite many left leaning sources such as CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, etc. Is that bad?

  3. Thomas Jackosn says:

    Anyone who believes the Washington Post has demonstrated both his mental abilities and judgement. Does anyon believe the Post any more?

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