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Good Morning, y'all. Jebediah Murphy here on another beautiful, and below normal temperature, White Trash Wednesday.

Ya know, some days you have to search a bit for a good story, sometimes you have to looke real hard to find something interesting, and some days, it just jumps right out at ya, like a baby rattler curled up in your favorite boots

(CNSNews.com) – Ahead of Earth Day on Sunday, an advocacy group warned that the United States is ignoring "the most crucial factor in reducing global warming" — population control.

"Human population growth is the paramount environmental issue," Ric Oberlink, a spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, told Cybercast News Service.

"Global warming is a very serious problem, but it is a subset of the overpopulation problem," he said.

"If we had half as many people, we wouldn't have much of a climatic warming problem," argued Oberlink.

"Many have noted the disproportionate impact of America on greenhouse emissions and rightly called for reduced emissions. But it's hypocritical to say that the problem is that Americans consume too much and then say it doesn't matter how many Americans there are."

This is not a joke, unfortuantely. Oberlink, and the whole group Californians for Population Stabilization are dead serious. Of course, not serious enough to reduce their own population. I wonder how many children the board of directors and all the members have?

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is confronting the most important issue facing California and the United States–runaway population growth. This problem cries out for action now and will have severe and irreversible consequences for our children and grandchildren. Overpopulation brings environmental damage and overuse of nature's bounty. Overpopulation strains local infrastructure and frays community institutions. It affects air and water quality, causes destruction of forests and wildlife and results in the permanent loss of fertile land and other non-renewable resources.

The solutions are limiting immigration, encouraging lower fertility and educating the public about likely outcomes if we fail to take decisive action today.

Limiting immigration only keeps those same people somewhere else other then California and the whole U.S.A., which would seem logically apparent. Not so to CfPS. While I applaud their wanting to reduce and stop illegal immigration, always a fantastic idea, the reason for doing it is absurd, and will make no dent in their belief of global warming as caused by Man.

Teach has argued many times that the warming trends (though you wouldn't know it from the temps in North Carolina the last 2-3 weeks) tend to be more on the micro climatic scale. Limiting population growth would help in that area, but not if it is the complete globe. People would still be on the globe.

The wilds of Canada, Antarctica, the Arctic, etc, are supposedly warming tremendously, yet, they are lightly populated. How does that jibe with their idea of limiting localized population growth?

But, this is not a new idea for the crazies on the left. Every so often, the works of Thomas Malthus crop up, like the flushless toilet, to be discussed. And, to link another pet theory of the Left, Malthus influenced Darwin.

And, less everyone think that all scientists are simply wonderful (at least those that feel deeply in global warming as caused by Man), here are some that are thinking about population reduction on a global scale.

Teach has also mentioned that he believes Man is partly responsible for global warming. Can't have 6 billion+ people and not have some effect. But, neither he nor I support population reduction or limitation (unless it means we have finally acheived the ability to move to other star systems). God said to Jacob "I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins" (Genesis 35: 11). Similar sayings are repeated in Genesis.

And, BTW, limiting population growth does not encompass getting pregnant then having an abortion.

More: John Hawkins at Right Wing News writes

…..people on the left, in the environmentalist movement, care more about the environment than we do and everyone, even conservatives, acknowledge it. Of course, they care more about the environment because they take environmentalism practically to the point of mental illness.

Sadly, I reckon he is right.

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