Peace Thru Damascus? Only Through Surrender

Y'all remember this, right?

"We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace," Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared after her visit to Syria and her meeting with its hereditary dictator Bashir Assad last week. "We expressed our interest in using our good offices in promoting peace between Israel and Syria."


Pelosi said she was delivering a message from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that "Israel was ready to engage in peace talks" with Syria. A seeming breakthrough. Not so, said a statement speedily issued by Olmert's office. It said that Olmert had not made "any change in the policies of Israel."

which led to

Pelosi said Assad indicated he was ready to "resume the peace process." That wasn't the impression other members of Congress took away from their meeting with him a few days earlier. Syria under Assad pre et fils has steadfastly refused to make peace with Israel, despite diplomatic efforts considerably more assiduous than Pelosi is in a position to undertake.

I have to wonder, how effect did Nancy's little power trip have?

JERUSALEM —   Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said Tuesday that Syria had to stop using "the language of ultimatums" in its peace overtures to the Jewish state.

"The time of using the language of ultimatums has passed … It is time that Syria seriously consider peace," Peres told Israeli public radio.

He was responding to comments by Syrian information minister Mohsen Bilal, who warned Monday that Israel would face the alternative of "resistance" if it rejected Arab peace initiatives.

"Syria is favorable toward relaunching the peace process in the presence of Russian and American mediators," Bilal told journalists in Damascus. "Syria wants to reach a just and comprehensive peace. If Israel rejects the Arab peace initiative and principle of land for peace, then the resistance will continue the alternative to get back the Golan Heights," he said.

The alternative is to continue to fight Israel with terrorist actions, suicide bombers, kidnap Israeli's, and even combat between their armies, including Hezbollah. Is that what Nancy meant by the road to Damascus is a road to peace? Is this Nancy's version of Assad wanting peace?

Of course, in Liberal World, "peace in our time" means giving in to the wants of dictators and enemies. Negotiating with them, coddling them, having tea with them. And, seemingly, taking their side.

Pelosi certainly won't achieve Chamberlain status for her little trip to the Middle East, but, hey, she has time. There will be not true peace talks between Israel and Syria anytime soon, as Syria will not give up its support of groups that launch both military and terrorist attacks against Israel. Perhaps Pelosi could pull a Bill Clinton, and meet with Assad more then any other world leader.

That says it all.

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5 Responses to “Peace Thru Damascus? Only Through Surrender”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    President Bush is right on target when he says that terrorist regimes do not deserve the media spotlight nor opportunity to spin propaganda. Israel uses the same view.
    it’s a shame that Pelosi & Meatballs haven’t taken a western Civilization or US History 101 and 102 course!
    View David Horowitz’s two powerful clips about our enemies: and click on Islamic Meine Kampf and Jihad! The Nazi and Italian and Japanes fascists are no different than todays Islamomaniacs, Iraniacs and Anti-American anarchists and liberals.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Latest polls show strong suppoet for Pelosi and the Democrats.
    Also a majority of Americans think that w will lose the war and a strong majority now feel that Iraq was not worth the war.

  3. So, you are saying that a strong majority of Americans support being chickenshit surrender monkeys, John?

  4. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Hey Ramadan Ryan sympathizer…sit on the ground…lean forward as far as you can…hold your breath for five seconds…now pull your head out of your a…….!

  5. John Ryan says:

    No Mr Teach I would not catergorize my fellow citizens in that way. Some may wish to say that the majority of Americans support a Queda but I do not say that nor do I hope to encourage al Queda by telling them that thewy have many allies here in the United States.
    As for darher: When you insult others does it make you feel better…. about being yourself ?

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