Duke Lacrosse: Very Good MSNBC Article

MSNBC the station might be useless these days, but MSNBC the website is still pretty good, and they prove it with an article entitled "What Really Happened That Night At Duke," throught their Newsweek affiliation. It's a long one, but well worth the read. The only thing I will excerpt is this

For the press, it was an irresistible tale, with its stew of race, sex and class. It was a story that had every ingredient that the press savors. There were entitled rich kids at an exclusive university; there was a white prosecutor who seemed to be playing the race card to get elected by black voters; there was a sympathetic alleged victim, a black woman who was an exotic dancer, but who was also a single mother who said that she was a student at a local college. And lastly, there was an allegation of the most lurid kind of sexual violence. The press needed there to have been a rape to keep the story going. It was much too dull to consider that the lacrosse players deserved the presumption of innocence.

And there is the heart of the matter. In a media, and a liberal side of the internet, frenzy, the accused were considered guilty till proven innocent. Hell, some considered that, no matter what, they were guilty, and some still consider them guilty.

Now, a lot of folks have made a big deal out of Terry Moran's article, Don't feel too sorry for the Dukies. I'm not. I do not subscribe to his viewpoint, but, he is entitled to it. Sure, the players made some mistakes, and did some crazy things, but, didn't most of us during our college years?

And, yes, there are rogue prosecutors, and judges, around the country. Bad things happen to good, and bad, people. But, these boys were railroaded on a national stage, devoid of a basic American principle of innocent till proven guilty. No matter what the NC Attorney General said, this episode will stain the lives of them and their families. Even if they successfully sue Nifong and anyone else, recouping the money they spent, the stain will always be there. So, yes, they do deserve our sympathy.

Perhaps this case could be a wakeup call for what can happen with in the legal system. But, I doubt it will happen.

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2 Responses to “Duke Lacrosse: Very Good MSNBC Article”

  1. John Ryan says:

    And who will be asking for the same treatment for William “cold cash” Jefferson ?

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The Atheist Broadkook Nutwork’s Terry Moran
    doesn’t think that three white innocent and ‘illegally framed’ white college boys going to prison for 90 years isn’t a big deal? Now you know why my family members and I boycott the Demliblunatic Anti-American and Godless ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC television channels. How about Katie Couric’s new boy-toy, and Paula Zahn getting divorced again as an adulterer? Garbage IN and garbage OUT. Mr. Ryan still is miffed that AIR AMERICA is still OFF the air in most major Un-American blue state inner city hood rapping radio stations. Hang in there Sergeant Ryan for your voice is heard and then broadsided again and again by the conservative cannon fire of truth, justice, God’s word and the red state American principles!

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