Condi Watch: No Pulling The Plug, Yup, We Raided The Iranians

Lost in the mix of Babs Boxers personal assault on Condi, two interesting stories.

First, we are not pulling the plug

Americans' skeptical view of the Iraq war won't change until they see progress there, but the United States won't "pull the plug" on the conflict, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.

"We're going to get an opportunity to see whether or not this is working, whether or not the Iraqis are living up to their obligations," Rice said Friday.

She decried what she called "the notion … that, 'Are you just going to pull the plug?'"

"We're not pulling the plug on Iraq," she said.

That runs in direct conflict with the Democrats stated, and unstated, goal. Surrender in Iraq. They would like nothing better the Vietnam Redux. Given half a chance, they will cut the funding completely. Sure, people do not like the war. Sure, there have been mistakes made. No difference from every other war ever thrown. But, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to win. Want to have fun? Ask a Lib if they want to win in Iraq. You will get so many talking points that never answer the question.

Are we the paper tiger that Bin Laden called us after the Mogudishu fiasco and retreat?

Next up, the Iranian consulate raid

Recent U.S. military raids against Iranians in Iraq were authorized by President George W. Bush but do not mark a widening of the conflict, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.

She told the New York Times Bush had given an order for a broad offensive against Iranian operatives in Iraq.

"There has been a decision to go after these networks," its Web site quoted her as saying in an interview on Friday before leaving on a Middle East trip.

If the Iranian's want to play in Iraq, they have to be ready for the consequences. A large part of the "insurgent" problem in Iraq is not an Iraqi one, but an Iranian one. A Syrian one. A Middle East/Southern Asia one. There have been fighters pouring in to Iraq from all over the Muslim world to fight the "Great Satan." Tactically, Iraq is a hell of a lot better place to fight jihadist's then Afghanistan.

Iran needs to understand who will win if the gloves come off. We never really took them off in Iraq, wanting to not destroy the country and turn all the people against us. Iran could be a different story, if we are pushed.

I'm sure the Left wants preemptive surrender on that front, too.

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