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Authorities expelled two Belgians and eight French terrorist suspects Thursday, but an American and another French citizen remained in Egyptian custody, officials said.

The 12, along with an unknown number of Egyptians and Arabs from other countries, were arrested late last month for allegedly belonging to an Islamist terror cell plotting attacks.

What else is there to say, except that the rest of those, including the American, are in a world of deep doo doo. And they can stay there.

Meanwhile, there is a press release trying to talk up how great the school these suspected terrorists were attending is

Throughout the US, American Muslims are becoming aware of the Cairo Egypt based Summer Intensive Arabic Immersion and Qur'an Program. The program is being offered in cooperation with the oldest university in the world, Al Azhar University, in Egypt. Student will take intensive Arabic classes on the Cairo University campus. Classes will be 5 days a week and last 6 hours a day. There are three entry levels: beginners intermediate and advance. Students are required to know the Arabic alphabet prior to taking the classes. It will be very selective and challenging because the classes are taught in Arabic. Over the past two summers 47 students have benefited from the challenge.

No mention that the school was training terrorists.

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