American Arrested In Egypt, Part Of Terror Plot

I have highlighted this previously, and Rusty at The Jawa Report has much more on the subject. I have kept an eye on the news for more on this story, and come across two interesting articles.

First, the American suspect was arrested November 26th, yet, it was days till this story hit the media. The farthest back I can find is yesterday, December 4th.

Second, that story, as well as one from the International Herald Tribune, show that the U.S. State Department is not only aware of this, but know who the American is, as well as being "annoyed" that the Egyptians are refusing to grant access to the suspect until the investigation is complate.

I have to agree with Rusty. If the American was engaged in terrorism, working with the enemy, then he (or she!) is a traitor. I say, let the Egyptians have him (or her!) to do with as they will. War is not a time for the faint hearted.

As more info comes out, we find that there were 9 French citizens, 2 Belgians, two Syrians (there's a surprise!), a Tunisian woman, along with the American and some number of Egyptians.

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