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Hey, y'all, Jebediah here. Ya know, there are lots of them thar moonbats who think we'uns have lost lots of free speech. At they same time, they are smearing W, Cheney, Rove, and any and all Conservatives and Republicans they can, saying stuff that could easily be construed as slander and libel. As the author of South Park Republicans says, they argue by invective. I say they are talking outs their azzholes.

But, perhaps they should look at we real denial of free speech looks like:

A Zimbabwe businessman who police say insulted President Robert Mugabe has been arrested under tough security laws which bar any remarks "undermining the authority or insulting" the 82-year-old leader.

Tichaona Muchabaiwa, a director at a local fuel supply business, was arrested at the weekend on charges of uttering abusive words about Mugabe after being stopped at a police checkpoint, the official Herald newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Muchabaiwa, in custody, is expected to appear in court on Wednesday. A conviction could bring up to two years in jail, although in practice most cases result in suspended sentences or requirements for public service.

So, when someone at Air America Deadbeat calls Bush a nazi, when Cindy Sheehan calls Bush the biggest terrorist in the world, when Cynthia McKinney says that Bush was behind 9/11, etc, do they end up under arrest? I reckon the answer to that is "no."

Try this: next time a leftard says "Bush is taking away our freedoms, violating our civil rights, and tearing up the Constitution," ask them to name a specific incident. You'll get so much hemming and hawing, could make a sweater that would fit an elephant.

Also, ask them how come they have the freedom to say stuff like that and not end up in the pokey.

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