DU Loves The Troops. Right?

I went over to see what the DUmmies said about the report that Al Queda is promising a big attack fror wacking “Sneakers” Zarqawi, but ran across something sickening. This one has the pithy title of “Why would soldiers beat a wanted enemy on a stretcher TO DEATH?”

There were a few DUmmies who knew this kind of talk was out of bounds, speculation, and, to some of them, not worrysome, but most bought in gleefully to the “report” that US troops beat Zarqawi. Even if true, who cares?

Let me start with response #3. This has got to be the winner weiner

Philisorapter: What if they had Osama, captured, and they beat him to death?  It just wouldn’t look right. (this one was also edited by Philisoraptor. Have to wonder how bad it was to start with)

Some highlowlights

  •  Why would soldiers beat a wanted enemy on a stretcher TO DEATH?  I can only think of one reason, and I’m ready to take flak for it, but, I think he was silenced by order of the Dept. of Homeland Security.
  •  That is the official story  But I seriously doubt they would go so far as killing him if they knew who he is. They knew their ass would be on the line. This was a contract style killing for the purpose of silencing him
  •  Because that is what they stand for  Beating the wounded, weak and poor to death. The confederate states of america is more than happy to obliged beating a slave to death, jefferson davis bush is damn proud.
  •  Could be they beat him close to  death and brought him to the scene – may be why he is the only body remaining after the 1000# bomb dropped on that house.
  •  so explain how we are……  any different from them? who are the terrorists?
  •  It’s anything but wise to say anything at DU supportive of………..  …..the Military but I think there’s much more to this story than meets the eye. I don’t think they beat the guy to death at all unless of course his own countrymen got a few licks in before the US Military got there. (I threw this one in for part up to “military”)
  •  Why didn’t they just shoot him? Cause it had to look like a bombing.  The official report will say he was injured in the bombing, not with rifle butts.

But don’t tell them they hate the military. Of course, in DU World, we should have arrested Zarqawi instead of dropping two 500 pound bombs.

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