Da Vinci Code Sets Record: Loons Show Hate

From the NY Times:

 With a strong showing in global markets, “The Da Vinci Code” posted the second highest grossing opening weekend of any film, according to Sony Pictures Entertainment.

 Despite the lukewarm reviews and the outcry over its revisionist religious story line, the film took in $224 million at the box office worldwide in its opening weekend, said Jeff Blake, vice chairman of Sony Pictures. That would place the movie behind only “Star Wars: Episode 3 — Revenge of the Sith,” which made $253 million in its first days.

 Continuing a recent pattern for Hollywood blockbusters, “Da Vinci” appears to have done better in markets outside the United States. The film earned $147 million overseas, the biggest opening weekend ever, and $77 million in the United States, where it placed 13th.

I will throw the prediction out there that X Men 3 will kick the snot out of the Da Vinci Code when it opens this coming weekend. Of course, it is Memorial Day Weekend, too.

But, what do the Huff Puff loons think?

  •  This premise of this movie is sooo lame. I mean, how could Jesus have descendants when he never even existed?
    Father forgive me, for I think your religion is a giant, 1700 year old scam.
    I think I’ll go see this one, just to see Tom.
  •  BRAVO, BRAVO!! Thank you corporate media for showing your loss of power of the people. We can and will think for ourselves, thank you very much. Pope Benedict must be stompin mad in her red prada shoes.
  •  so there is a God?! ha
  •  Screw the Catholic Church and all the rightwing religious nutjobs. They’ve been the cause of more misery than just about anything but Hitler and the Black Plague.
  •  Dr. Stephen Sniegoski was on Karen Kwiatkowski’s radio broadcast (for the Republic Broadcasting Network) yesterday discussing the JINSA/PNAC Neocon ‘war for Israel’ agenda as such can be listened to via clicking on the May 20th, 2006 link at: (and this has WHAT exactly to do with the thread? That’s why I included it. Leftards seem to just randomly express themselves at the wrong time. And did it two more times, for effect!)
  •  The only thing that could outdraw ‘The DaVinci Code’, would be a documentary of the ‘Priestly Pedophilic Predilictions of the Catholic Church’, with actual undercover tapes of the Pope, Bernie Law, and, the Council of Cardinals, caught ‘in flagrante delecto’ in an orgy with the Christian Children’s Choir during their annual Christmas visit to the Vatican.

Can’t you just feel the love and tolerance?

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  1. Ray Nagin and the Bush FEMA Snow Job…

    A further investigation revealed that many of the residents, instead of buying snow shoes or blankets, instead spent the money on casinos, booze, and hookers….

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