Democratic Strategy For 2006:More Of Hatred

This pretty much sums up the 2006 Democratic Platform:

So in conclusion, how do we win? RUN AGAINST BUSH. Make this election about two things: 1) change; 2) bringing balance to the government. And run in as many districts and states as we possibly can. This to me seems to be a winning strategy.

In other words:

  • We have no actual ideas
  • We do not want to tell Middle America what we actually stand for (abortion on demand, weak on National Security, Defense, Crime, etc), high taxes, huge social programs, etc)
  • We are too stupid to actually come up with something honest.
  • We cannot debate on actual issues
  • We think Americans are too stupid, anyhow

If Republicans would just get up there and hammer the Dems with facts and force them to respond, it would be in the bag. STOP BEING TIMID, GOP CONGRESS CRITTERS!

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3 Responses to “Democratic Strategy For 2006:More Of Hatred”

  1. Oh God I just love that last sentence, “This to me seems to be a winning strategy.” It’s just dripping with the juices of the False Consensus Effect.

    We are well past the point where Bush puts his pants on left-leg-first, and the official Democrat position is we need a law forcing men to don their trousers right-leg-first, or jump into them both legs at once. Looks like they just promised a lot more of the same. Some kind of leadership.

  2. chrys says:

    Where’s the part that Dean said was in there about Gay Marriage!! ;-D

  3. William Teach says:

    They are amusing, aren’t they? In a morbid “hey, y’all, watch this!” final words way.

    The amazing thing is that they have actually kept Dean around, considering he has issues raising money.

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