Debate On Language Is Not About Language

Why can’t people just have an honest debate? Rather then debating the actual issue, people on the other side just try and change it to something it isn’t, usually because they are either a. afraid to put their cockammamie ideas out on the table,  b. they know they do not have a leg to stand on, or c. they know they are wrong, but just have to be contrarian.

We see it happening with the illegal immigrant debate (something we can act on), which is about stopping illegals, some of them violent criminals, from entering out country. We see it in the legal immigrant debate (something we can only act on a little bit), which is about legals, both here as migrant workers and those applying for citizenship, not joining the American melting pot, but, rather, soley keeping their traditions and language, without acclimating to America.

And we see it in the small debate about English as the official language, which we can do something about. What is so wrong with forcing people who want to become US citizens to learn English? The benefits far outweigh any negatives. Are there even any negatives? Non come to mind.

But, the opposition forces, which are probably based soley on a knee jerk reaction to Bush and the GOP, are out in force. After a nice start, this story goes down the opposition road:

“Language is never about language,” said Walt Wolfram, a social linguist at North Carolina State University. “Why should it be any different in the United States?”

That point is seconded by Tucker, an expert on language education, planning and policy at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University.

“The discussion is … related to fears of immigration issues. I think it’s related to a worry about the changing demography of the United States. I think it’s a worry about who will continue to have political and economic influence,” Tucker said.

No sir, it is not about fear. I do not fear going to a store, calling a repairman (or woman), or going to a hospital and having them not understand me. It is not fear that annoys me when I have to deal with a customer that doesn’t speak English. It is annoyance that people who come to our country make zero attempt to join the country, much as the vast wave of immigrants did in the past.

People from many other countries bring their cultures and language. I say Great! But, like those in the past, if they want to be Americans, they should try and become part of our Country, rather then simply living here in their own little world. And that includes learning English, and respecting our primary language, as well as our customs.

Please stop changing the debate.

Like this idiocy from the Daily Kosbat:

Much better to spend a few hours pontificating about a pandering, divisive, irrelevant piece of non-binding propacrapola than seeing to this nation’s security or passing two mine safety bills that have been languishing for months.

Funny how it takes Democrats to actually demand performance from this administration, isn’t it?

Would you care for me to list a few of the Bills that Dems have put forth?

  • Harry Reid:  98. [109th] S.RES.368 : A resolution to designate April 1, 2006, as “National Asbestos Awareness Day.”
  • Harry Reid:  73. [109th] S.AMDT.2178 to H.R.3058 To provide for the conveyance of certain public land in Clark County, Nevada, for use as a heliport.
  • Nancy Pelosi:  10. [109th] H.R.1953 : To require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in commemoration of the Old Mint at San Francisco, otherwise known as the “Granite Lady”, and for other purposes.
  • Nancy Pelosi:  9. [109th] H.R.957 : To clarify the authorities for the use of certain National Park Service properties within Golden Gate National Recreation Area and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, and for other purposes.

Rather deep and important legislation introduced by the Democratic Congress leaders, eh?

Welcome to Politics 101, Kos.

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3 Responses to “Debate On Language Is Not About Language”

  1. Phil Julius says:

    Shall I list some Republican Congressional bills as well??

    12. [109th] H.CON.RES.368 : Expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to honoring the goals and ideals of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Days, June 9 through 11, 2006.
    Sponsor: Rep Gerlach, Jim [PA-6] (introduced 3/29/2006)

    28. [109th] H.RES.729 : Supporting National Tourism Week.
    Sponsor: Rep Foley, Mark [FL-16] (introduced 3/16/2006)

    35. [109th] H.RES.753 : Commending American craft brewers.
    Sponsor: Rep Boehlert, Sherwood [NY-24] (introduced 4/4/2006)

    Now, I’m not a big fan of the Democrats lack of action, but at least they’re not LEADING the rush to trash the constitution, have everything the government does declared legsl and confidential, etc. They’re just not doing anything to stop it.

  2. William Teach says:

    Oh, please. That is a cute talking point, trashing the Constitution, etc, but it is a feeling, not fact.

    And, believe me, I know what the GOP offers for Bills. All Congress Critters do it. I was amazed at what Sen. Richard Burr of NC offered on the 18th. Made no sense.

    But what I was doing was illustrating the idiocy of Kos’s statement.

  3. flags says:


    Good day for overcoming obstacles. Try a steeplechase.

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