AL Gore: “Reality”

If only (from MSNBC)

NEWSWEEK: They say timing is everything. Has the moment arrived for this issue?
Al Gore: I hope it has. I hope that we are close to a tipping point beyond which the country will begin to face this very seriously and the majority of politicians in both parties will begin to compete by offering meaningful solutions. We’re nowhere close to that yet, but a tipping point by definition is a time of very rapid change—and I think that the potential for this change has been building up, with the evangelical ministers speaking out, General Electric and Republican CEOs saying we have to address it, grass-roots organizations—all of these things are happening at the same time because through various means people are seeing a new reality. The relationship between our civilization and the earth has been radically transformed. Global warming is by far the most serious manifestation of the collision—and Mother Nature is making the evidence ever more obvious. Scientific studies have been coming out right and left over the last several years that connect various parts of the overall picture to the whole. And by whatever means, a lot of people have been absorbing this message, and they’re now saying, “Wait a minute, we really have to do something about this.”

What’s Al going to do about Mother Nature? Or how about Mister Sun, who has been going through a hotter phase over the last 60+ years? Or the fact that we came out of a colder period around 1860, which was preceded by a warmer period? Can Al Gore stop the Earth from turning, too?

At some point, reality will sink in for Al “I cannot even win my home state” Gore.

However, he does have some sense of humor:

After I left the White House in January 2001, I once again started giving a slide show on global warming on a regular basis. The first time I took the slides out of storage and held them up to the light and combined them into one carousel, went down to Middle Tennessee State University to give my slide show, and they were all backward. It was a very awkward and embarrassing moment, and I went back home to Nashville and Tipper said, “I knew I should have put those in for you.” And then she said, “By the way, Mr. Information Super Highway, we have computers now and you should put them on your computer.”


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