Photo’s Of Duke Rape Accuser

From NBC-17 (A Raleigh station)

NBC has obtained exclusive photos that defense lawyers for the Duke University lacrosse players feel will exonerate their clients of rape charges.

Collin Finnerty, 19, and Reade Seligmann, 20, were charged Tuesday with first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and first-degree kidnapping after a woman said she was raped and beaten at a March 13 lacrosse team party, where she was performing as an exotic dancer.

Dan Abrams, a Duke graduate and former lawyer who now hosts “The Abrams Report” on MSNBC, said he has copies of a series of photos lacrosse team players said they took at the party.

You can see the photo’s at the story link. Nice blond hair.


Over the last few days, sources close to the defense have given ABC News an exclusive look at the evidence behind one player’s alleged alibi — evidence that includes electronic records, photographs and witness statements. If that material is authentic, it could prove that it was practically impossible for him to rape, kidnap or assault the alleged victim.

Seligmann’s argument is simple: He is innocent and he has an alibi. He attended the party that night, but documents, photos and witness testimony show that he wasn’t there long enough or at the right time to attack the alleged victim.

Around midnight the night of March 13, Seligmann was already at the party when two women hired from a local escort agency arrived to dance for the boys — $400 each for a two-hour performance. A series of time-stamped photographs viewed by ABC News show the girls dancing at midnight and at 12:02 a.m.

By 12:24 a.m., a receipt reviewed by ABC indicates that Seligmann’s ATM card was used at a nearby Wachovia bank. In a written statement to the defense also reviewed by ABC, a cabdriver confirms picking up Seligmann and a friend a block and a half from the party, and driving them to the bank. By 12:25 a.m., he was making a phone call to a girlfriend out of state.

Looking more and more like at least one of the accused is getting railroaded to earn DA Mike Nifong another term.

Furthermore, this case has harmed the rest of the team who are NOT under indictment:

At least one Duke University lacrosse player has indicated an interest in transferring from the troubled program. But Syracuse University athletic director Daryl Gross said Tuesday he will not sanction the transfer of any former Blue Devil to Syracuse.

“I think it would be inappropriate,” Gross said.

So, despite not being one of the legally accused, the player is being rejected out of hand, due to the taint of false accusations against the entire team.

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11 Responses to “Photo’s Of Duke Rape Accuser”

  1. Chief RZ says:

    This is what I hate about the PC world. Guilty even if found not-guilty. This is a total disgrace. Same thing happened after the Ron Brown incident. “Someone” pressured the aircraft to attempt a landing in below-weather minimums. It crashed. All people on duty, even with desk jobs back in Germany were smeared and their careers virtually ended, just like these innocent athletes from Duke U.

  2. William Teach says:

    Hopefully, the real story will come out. If it is that those guys are guilty, to jail for a long time with them. But they are being treated as guilty right now, which is a shame.

  3. Rose Keith says:

    Had the players on the team been more forthcoming about that night, then there would not be this cloud of suspicion surrounding them. In not speaking up, they look guilty. I just hate this. Either way this turns out, SOMEONE is lying. There are some cruel people in this world.

  4. Sorry, Rose, must disagree. Our system of Justice is based on Innocent till Proven Guilty. Furthermore, it is not up to the accused to provide evidence. It is up to the prosecution to try and gather evidence. Plus, that whole 5th Amendment thing.

  5. Starmyste says:

    This is the south…and as a southern bell, I can truthfully say that those darkie gals were totally asking for trouble not to mention a side hustle when they embarked on this adventure.
    Am I to believe that our judicial system hasn’t figured this out. Why in the world would 46 white nice looking upper class white males even contemplate even breathing the same air as those nasty, black sweaty looking sluts? Come on…there is no drug nor alcoholic stupor in existence that could distort a young man’s mind enough to touch those chocolate skags with a ten foot pole. This is boring me already….and those boys I feel are innocent, however, the scar tissue will follow them through life. I say ship those bitches to iraq blindfolded wearing a wet t-shirt that says “I LOVE BUSH and IRAN WOMEN”….and let them loose in Falujah!

  6. Starmyste says:

    Oh yeah, and….I’m speculating here but in my opinion those gals probably were called out to the house not indicating that they were darkie gals and already high as a Georgia Pine to boot. Heck I wouldn’t have paid them either and probably would have been insulted that they would even think that I would want to see them do their exotic dance, which by the way, it was stated that the “Ho” couldn’t even perform a dance. So they copped an attitude, probably tried to scratch or slap one of the dudes, broke their fake fingernails….and said, bobbing their monkey heads, “That’s it suga, I’m calling the cops on your white ass”!
    GOd this is so easy… I the only smart southern bell in this state?

  7. Starmyste says:

    Kim Roberts, typical darkie with an attitude towards white people. She jumped right on the bandwagon when she contacted the PR firm, probably realizing that her small bit part in the matter wasn’t going to be as profitable as planned. Perhaps she didn’t realize that she and her sista would have to deal with “intelligent” white people, who could smell a “profiteering darkie” a hop and a skip away. Then guess who’s coming to dinner…..none other but Rev Jessie, another black profiteer. You can rest assured when there’s stench from the Ghetto, Jesse is close by taking deep breaths.

  8. Starmyste says:

    As previously reported on Brain Terminal, Dilby, Free Republic, Hugo Schwyzer, Redmen, Stand Your Ground, and WRAL (a local CBS and CNN affiliate), the name of the woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse team members of rape is Crystal Gail Mangum.

    Ultimately, we have no way of knowing whether or not Crystal is telling the truth in her recent allegations. Though she is a cuckoldress and a criminal, it is true that cuckoldresses and criminals can find their own rights violated. In America, we have a good if somewhat political criminal justice system, and we can hope that justice eventually is served.

    Nonetheless, with a record like this:


    (Courtesy of North Carolina Department of Correction Public Access Information System)

    A day’s events summarized by WRAL (CBS/CNN) as:

    The severity of the allegations raises questions about each individual involved in the events that transpired on March 13 and March 14, including the alleged victim.

    New information about the victim has been divulged, concerning charges arising from an incident that occurred several years ago. According to a 2002 police report, the woman, currently a 27-year-old student at North Carolina Central University, gave a taxi driver a lap dance at a Durham strip club. Subsequently, according to the report, she stole the man’s car and led deputies on a high-speed chase that ended in Wake County.

    Apparently, the deputy thought the chase was over when the woman turned down a dead-end road near Brier Creek, but instead she tried to run over him, according to the police report.

    Additional information notes that her blood-alcohol level registered at more than twice the legal limit.

  9. Jacob says:

    I can’t believe what a bunch of idiots live in this country. You make me sick. It is people like you bring this country down. I am not saying that this girl was raped or not, that will be decided by the courts. I am saying that a bunch of racist idiots (all of you included) should not be allowed to stay in this country.

  10. Well, gee, Jacob, that adds so much to the discussion. Drink much Kool Aid, nutjob?

  11. TBSDY says:

    “Why in the world would 46 white nice looking upper class white males even contemplate even breathing the same air as those nasty, black sweaty looking sluts?”

    Seems like a pretty racist comment to me.

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