Global Warming: Here They Go Again

I have said time and time again, give me proof that global warming is at least party Man’s fault, and I will believe it. At this point, I am not even sure that global warming is even happening. Perhaps we are just going into a warmer phase, which happens.

I ran across Kevin Drum’s site while looking for something else, then decided to see what the front page had. Well, Kevin links (cannot get TB to work) to an article in the Sunday Washington Post. Well, not really an article. More like the typical editorial disguised as an news story.

Now that most scientists agree human activity is causing Earth to warm, the central debate has shifted to whether climate change is progressing so rapidly that, within decades, humans may be helpless to slow or reverse the trend.

This "tipping point" scenario has begun to consume many prominent researchers in the United States and abroad, because the answer could determine how drastically countries need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. While scientists remain uncertain when such a point might occur, many say it is urgent that policymakers cut global carbon dioxide emissions in half over the next 50 years or risk the triggering of changes that would be irreversible.

Do they actually agree? Or do they feel? Because they are not providing actual proof. They use alot of words like might and could and possibly. But these same scientists cannot accuratley predict what the weather will be next week.

And what is Kevin’s idea?

Step 1: Get rid of the nitwit in the White House who’s convinced global warming can’t exist because that would be inconvenient for the Republican Party’s funding base. Step 2: Replace him with someone who can read a simple chart. Step 3: Pray.

Gee, that helps. Could Kevin please explain why the Senate voted 95-0 against the Kyoto Protocol, and Clinton refused to sign it? And explain why Clinton relaxed the rules (Bush 41 did too) on trucks and SUV’s in relation to fuel economy, which puts more CO2 into the atmosphere? What did Clinton do in his 8 years in office?

Let’s postulate, for the sake of argument, that Man is having an effect. Isn’t deforestation a "bad thing?" Less plant life, less photosynthesis. It would be a shame if one of the hero’s of the Left was involved with this type of behavior

Environmentalists were caught off guard when South American leaders announced plans to build a massive natural gas pipeline through the Amazon rainforest.

Proponents say the $20 billion US project, still in early planning stages, will help satisfy the growing regional demand for gas and help make South America less dependent on outside sources. But environmentalists say it could damage part of the Amazon – the world’s largest wilderness – by polluting waterways, destroying trees and creating roads that could draw ranchers and loggers.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says the pipeline is a central part of his efforts to reduce dependence on the United States and its pressure for free market policies known as the Washington Consensus.

Is this OK with you, Liberals who believe in Global Warming being caused by Man?

And don’t miss this part of the Post article:

"There’s no agreement on what it is that constitutes a dangerous climate change," said Marburger, adding that the U.S. government spends $2 billion a year on researching this and other climate change questions. "We know things like this are possible, but we don’t have enough information to quantify the level of risk."

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2 Responses to “Global Warming: Here They Go Again”

  1. Chief RZ says:

    I went to about a year’s worth of meetings with the group, The Sierra Club. The local chapter was not too bad, but I learned a lot. They really don’t go walking in the woods, enjoying their protected areas. They don’t want anyone doing anything without asking them first. It appears to be simply an egotistical power game.

    While I was at a meeting, I brought an USA Today article that outlined a California chapter’s stance that allowed building of new homes in a forest! This was the first time in their history that they came out for building homes. The reply, “well people have to live somewhere”. I will not speculate if any money changed hands between the builders and the club. That would be irresponsible, and should be left to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR. I am still waiting!

  2. Exactly. I used to be a supporter of the Sierra Club myself, but then the leadership started to change, and not for the better.

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