Progressive Mental Afflictions

We have all heard of a few of the afflictions that the Left has. Disorders such as PEST (post election selection trauma), 9/10/01 Syndrome, and BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome.) Well, what are some of the other ones they suffer from?

First, there are the Clinton related disorders

  • CDS: Clinton Deflection Syndrome: this is where any mention of Clinton is deflected immediately to Bush. "Clinton let Osama go 3 times" "Who’s President now? Bush."
  • CAS: Clinton Avoidence Syndrome: this is where any mention of Clinton is avoided by all means: "Clinton let Osama go 3 times" "you’re a fag."
  • CQD: Clinton Quite Disorder: this is where any mention of Clinton is ignored: "Clinton let Osama go 3 times" "<crickets>"
  • CCD: Clinton Card Disorder: this is where any mention of Clinton is blown off as "Clinton let Osama go 3 times" "Oh, playing the Clinton card, huh? Bush had a DWI."

Then there are the more generalized afflictions

  • PSS: Political Seething Syndrome. This is shown by ad hominum attacks which are devoid of any factual content.
  • FIIMGS: Feel it In My Gut Syndrome. This is characterized by content based soley on one’s feelings.
  • HDD: Howard Dean Disorder. Liberals suffering from HDD tend to spout off at the mouth, saying what they actually mean.
  • AIFS: America is Fascist Syndrome. Characterized by a heavy reliance on feelings which say that the USA is a fascist nation, without understanding that if it was, they would have disappeared into the night and fog.
  • OORD: Opposite of Republicans Disorder. Where Liberals take a knee jerk reaction and say and want the exact opposite of what Republicans say or want.
  • LITPSD: Living In The Past Syndrome: Where Liberals are allowed to discuss anything from anytime period, but pitch a fit whenever a Conservative goes farther back then the 2000 elections. Unless they mention Clinton, then see any Clinton related disorder.
  • QKKND: Quote Kerry Know Nothing Disorder: This is where liberals quote something Kerry has said in the news, but cannot quote on Platform that he had despite voting for him.
  • NCD: Null Content Disorder: This is where the content of a conversation from the liberal side is devoid of any meaningfull content
  • MFS: Moonbat Filth Syndrome. An affliction similar to NCD, but which includes copious amounts of vulgarity, mostly aimed at people, rather then as exclamations.

And let’s not forget about a primary affliction

  • PBD: Progressive Bullshit Disorder: Characterized by someone on the Left calling themselves a Liberal, yet lives in the past, with no forward looking plans, no agenda’s, other then seething hatred.

More: Rick at Right Wing Nut House has a good illustration of BDS, as well as FIIMGS, PSS, and a small case of PBD. Go say hello.

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